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I’m not single. I haven’t been for almost two years. This is an extraordinary thing to me, considering my romantic life previously involved not the best sort of people. I love the person I am with and I believe they love me too. To be able to say that, once again, is amazing. I am so happy to have a person that compliments me so well. But what I saw this past weekend is more than I can properly describe.

Saturday, two of my friends, that I’ve known since high school, made a commitment to be with each other for the rest of their lives. Truth be told, I have other friends that are married. I’ve even been to a wedding before, but I was twelve at the time. Being so young, I didn’t fully grasp how awe inspiring such a moment can be. Now older, and I hope wiser, I was moved to tears to see them “take the plunge.”

There was a moment, at the beginning of the ceremony, where one reached out to the other. One was shaking and trying not to cry, cracking jokes to break the tension, making all of us laugh. The other was steady, calm. They were two pieces of a puzzle, balancing each other. That’s love.

At one point during the weekend of events, the video camera made it’s way to me. I tried to give my best wishes to the couple and express how happy I am for them. Of course, it came out a garbled confussing mess.

What I wanted to say, which didn’t make it out of my mouth, was how much they inspired me and gave me hope for my future. I know only a part of what they have been through. Only they can really know it all. But, from what I have seen, it makes me believe love can be strong and steadying. It can be the ledge on which you jump from and the soft earth on which you land. It is there when you need it and there when you can enjoy it.

So, I guess this is a roundabout way of saying congratualtions to my friends, warmest wishes, thanks for the fun and funny photos, and I wish you the best of life and love for all your days.

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