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This Liberal Loves America

It is less than two weeks before our country decides who its new leader will be. Yet, all I keep hearing from one political party’s candidates is talk of “pro-America” and the “real America.” Now it’s my turn to give my views of our country.

I love America. I have no problem saying that. I love America. It has faults. It has problems. It is not, by any stretch of the word, perfect, but I love America. I was born here. My parents were born here. Their parents were born here. I am and will always be an American.

However, no one’s family lineage originated on this soil. The Native Americans were the first to live on and nuture this land, but they migrated over the Bering Strait from Asia hundreds of years ago. Christopher Columbus recently brought Europeans here freely, and my other ancestors here unwillingly. Some individuals fled their old lives. Some sought a new life. To claim that any one race or people have supreme right over this land is simply wrong. Like it or not, we are all Americans. This land belongs to all of us.

Having said that, there are so many things about my country that infuriate me. I often find myself wanting to hit something, the frustration overwhelming me. That’s why liberals are so passionate. We know what this country was founded on, and we see the potential it has. Yet, we do not live up to what our ancestors fought, sweat, and died for so long ago. What would they think of the America of today?

We have systemic problems in our country. There is no comprehensive education to deal with race relations in our schools. It is the elephant in the room everyday for millions of children who don’t understand why someone doesn’t like them or why they are suppose to hate another. There is no universal healthcare to treat all of our ills, not just those of the wealthy. People’s lives are being ruined because of the wrong roll of the dice. Cancer consumes not just a body, but the lives of those around it. Guns are used “to protect and serve”, but are so often the causes of harm. You may teach your child to hunt deer, but someone else is teaching there child to hate and kill. And when someone else can dictate what can or cannot be done to my own body, forcibly, I find myself nausiated.

I love what America stands for, the symbol it gives to the world. This is a place where you can start again. This is a place where all are welcome, supposedly. This is a place where anyone can make it. But what does it also say to the world when one of our presidential candidates, a man who may become the leader of our country, is vilified everyday. He is the target of racisim. He is the butt of jokes. He is in the sights of someone’s scope.

And, to add insult to injury, police units in “urban cities” are refreshing there forces on riot control. Win or loose, they believe us folks are going to cry out. How little they know of the true feelings of African Americans in this country.

I want only the best for my country. But these past few months have brought out the worst. It is time for the people of this nation to unite, not divide. It is time for there to only be an us, no them. It is time for this to truly be the United States of America.

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