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My 6 Orgasm Night

Subtitle: My Continual Sexual Education

I, like most, love sex. It’s fun, intimate, and invigorating. But, like many other women, I don’t orgasm every time. Through patience, trial, and error, my S.O. and I have found I can cum in a specific position and with much concentration.

Until recently, though, I did not know how uncomfortable this experience made my partner feel. When I try to orgasm, I close my eyes and internally coach myself, using rather derogatory language. My S.O., not able to be in my head, felt closed off. He was having sex with me, but I was somewhere else.

During a recent quickie, I just wanted to cum and be done, a nice brisk morning fuck. We were in the correct position, and I was putting my work in. Then, my partner changed positions to a much more intimate and loving pose. I got pissed off. I literally, in medius res, asked, “Is this a good time to have a conversation about sex?”

My S.O. stopped immediately, feeling offended. We talked. Well, I apologized for being rude and explained my feelings. He then talked about his frustrations, as well.

Solution: My S.O. realized I needed to take more control of my orgasms. After work, he directed me to a store, where he purchased, for me, my first vibrator.

We took it back to my place and had a little lesson. This was not my first experience with a vibrator. My S.O. has brought out his own on special occasions. To start, he gradually introduced it, showing it to me and testing the speeds. He then began to massage me. After I came initially, he had me hold it in a certain position. He walked out of the room, leaving me trapped and feeling a bit ackward. I came again while waiting.

Once my S.O. returned, he massaged me in a different position. Orgasm #3. Then I was made to take the vibrator and use it on myself, my S.O. watching and coaching. Gingerly, I experimented with it, trying to understand and enjoy the experience. Orgasms #4 and #5 followed. Then my S.O. had his way with me while making me hold the toy still. Orgasm #6.

I let the vibrator go and we screwed intimately. I almost hit #7 as he came.

This experience is just another reason why I adore my S.O. He’s understanding, patient, and always trying to help me learn and grow sexually. I’m so glad we found each other.

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