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Slacker —

Okay, I admit it: I didn’t go to the gym AT ALL last week. I was lazy and snoozed through each time I was suppose to wake my SO and myself up in the morning. After work, I found excuses to avoid the YMCA. Bad panda. Because of my snooze addiction, it is now my […]

Fake Spring —

The weather outside, these past few days, has been amazing. I’ve worn shorts to work since Monday. I went swimming at my local YMCA, and the outdoor pool was available. It’s been great. But it’s a fraud. It’s not spring yet. It’s February. I hate that stupid groundhog. For as long as I can remember, […]

The Menacing Minority —

I’ve tried to express, multiple times in fact, how I’ve felt these past few weeks about the Republicans in the House and Senate. Each time, my anger, frustration, and annoyance has not translated into what I’d written. So, rather than being witty and ironic, I will speak plainly. House Republicans said they could not support […]