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Last night I was completely geeked out to go see the This American Life live show, beamed to 430 movie theatres around the country. TAL, for those not in the know, is a radio show broadcast every week on your local public radio station. It features stories about everyday people and their experiences, fictional pieces, and occasional specials about specific topics (such as the financial crisis).

I was such a geek that, on the way to the theatre, I couldn’t stop talking about the show to my SO. I named all the featured contributors, spoke about the pieces I had heard from them earlier, and I bounced in the driver’s seat of my car. I was a dork beyond measure.

We got to the theatre 45 minutes early, which was fine with me. To be honest, I was worried it would be sold out. But I was shocked and appalled when I saw the ticket price. I treated my SO to the show, being the superfan in our relationship and the lack of interest by my partner. When my $50 bill was exchanged for a $10, I began to wonder if I had made the right decision.

To pass the time, and lighten my mood, my SO treated me to an in theatre video game. We raced on snow skis, collecting boosts, energy, and rockets to attack each other. It was childish and sooo much fun. So thirty minutes before the show started, I was relaxed and happy again, sitting in my seat, grateful that I had not backed out.

I was more than surprised, and dorkily pleased, that the preshow entertainment was all hangman puzzles, and word games. The last five minutes was counted down on screen with a clock and word progressions following along to the time.

All this was great, but, at the stroke of the beginning of the show, the sound did not change over. During the entire preshow, the back ground noise to the on screen dorkitude was previews and commercials. Everyone assumed that at the stroke of TAL on, the sound would change. It didn’t.

No one should be in a crowded movie theatre with pissed off yuppies. A few people dashed out of the theatre to find management. A few people yelled at the projection room. We saw, but could not hear, the first few minutes of the show, which is ironic because this was a radio show converted into a live sight show. The audio was crossed over eventually, and we were able to make out Ira’s opening just fine.

This show was named “Returning to the Scene of the Crime.” It featured stories about people who, for one reason or another, had to return to events that shaped a part of their lives. Mike Birbiglia spoke about a car accident, which was not his fault, but still required him to pay $12,000 to his assailant. Starlee Kine spoke about returning to her childhood and getting over the crimes her parents committed against her mental well being. Dan Savage spoke about religion, his mother, his sexuality, and how tempting believing in something, anything, can be. And Joss Whedon ended the event with a musical commentary.

I loved it all. My home town was mentioned, which sent a whoop throughout the audience. I laughed way too loud and too much. I clapped, even though there was no way Ira or the cast members could have heard me. And I made quiet comments to myself; well, I thought they were to myself, until my SO sushed me.

[Sidenote: My SO loved it, too. After the show, in a moment of playful giddiness, we took photo booth pictures. The first photo was stupid. The second photo was freaky. The third was kinda scary. (My SO loves all things scary, especially zombies.) The fourth photo was sweet. And, if I had a scanner, it would totally be in my facebook profile.]

The night was great. The price was worth it. I had an amazing time.

TAL geek for life.

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