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Breaking (Emotional) News

With all of the juicy gossip and interesting news of the past 24hrs, I neglected to blog on my emotional good news for the day.

Apartment is a go; I repeat, apartment is a go.

My SO and I are moving into an apartment in my current complex. A 2BR 1 1/2BA will be our new home. I visited the leasing office yesterday to pick up applications, and they said one would be available July 24th, exactly one month for us to prep and roll.

It turns out, my landlord loves me. I pay on time (well, early actually cause I give him pre-written checks months ahead of time), and there have been no noise complaints involving me. Not-to-mention, I also learned our credit rating was great, back when he ran it for my initial qualification. To give a direct quote, “We want to keep you.”

In the event the current occupants of the unit don’t move out, which is unlikely, he said he knows of other units that will open up soon. (Apparently I may be loved, but others aren’t.) Also, he’d be willing to have me sign a new lease, at my same rent price, and just transfer me over to the 2BR lease as soon as another unit became vacant. Did I mention I love my apartment complex.

The rent for our soon to be unit is $1220 ($610 per person). That is amazing for us. My rent will drop by $389. My SO’s would drop by $265. For my SO, that is a car payment begging to happen. We’ve talked about going to Carmax for a second vehicle once we’ve settled in. There is a master bedroom and a smaller bedroom, but I’ve already said I don’t care which one I’m in. We’d split the rent, the electric, and Fios.

I am so excited; I was jumpy all last night. In fact, we both were silly and giggly. It felt right, this new step we’re taking.

[Aside: During our conversation, I also admitted that my concern over his Greta Garbo moment was, in part, due to PMS. I’ve been off the pill for this past month and did not realize, at the time, I was in hyper-emotional mode. Normally I can tell when I’m letting something that could be minor turn into something major. This time, that didn’t happen. It didn’t help that my SO was vague, but I didn’t help by reacting so sharply. We’re good, though.]

So yeah, I pretty excited. Cohabitating, more room, and less in bills = My current trifecta of glee.

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