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Expanding On My Dorkitude

So I mentioned yesterday that I submitted my latest blog about my health insurance struggles as a commentary to Marketplace. According to the website, I should not expect a response for at least 3 to 4 weeks. Happiness in submitting my work slightly dulled by the denied gratification of learning whether it is good enough.

Considering this is my first entry/submission of my adult life (I had a limerick published in an Anthology when I was in middle school), I’m holding my breath until I get word. Odds are, it won’t get excepted. I think it is fair to say that most people don’t get published/aired on their first shot out of the gate.

In submitting my blog, I had to par it down to 400 words. In case you didn’t realize it as you read it, my original blog was around 800 words. It took me about an hour to get it down to the alloted amount. They also wanted a conversational style of writing, but, since you’re reading this right now, you know that part wasn’t a problem.

So, for your opinion and/or entertainment & enlightenment, I have included my submission below. Enjoy.

Currently in Washington, elected officials are debating health reform. One major point of contention is a public insurance option. Along with a majority of Americans, I want this policy enacted. For me the reason is simple: I was rejected by a private insurance company. Without the advent of COBRA policy, I would not have insurance today. But my coverage only lasts until June of next year.

We need a public option. Too many people in this country are denied health insurance. I was rejected because I’m overweight. In order to qualify, the company informed me I needed to drop 60 pounds. Knowing there is an average weight loss failure rate of 85%, I’m trying. But I don’t see why I have to hinge my personal financial security on how much I weigh.

Not having health insurance is equal to waiting to be financially bankrupt. For a year after college, I didn’t have health insurance. When I had a toothache that wouldn’t go away, I found out I needed to have a specialist perform my root canal. That one procedure cost me $950. To completely fix the tooth totaled $1700. Mind you, this was all for a tooth. My best friend broke her wrist before she turned 21 and, since she wasn’t in college, she had no insurance. She was forced to file for bankruptcy before she was legally allowed to drink a beer. That is not the way we wanted to start our financial lives.

Insurance companies argue that a public plan will put private insurers out of business. I disagree. I suspect the majority of people who will opt for the public plan are those like me who have been rejected. Should people go to the public plan because they prefer it over a private one is only a testament to being over charged or under provided. The failure of private companies will be their own fault, not the government.

While a public option does not fix every situation, it gives people like me a chance. It is my plan, and hope, that I will loose the weight and apply again. Should this bill pass, I will apply for it as well. Whoever gives me the best coverage with the optimal rate will get my business as I really care about my business and that’s why I use services from https://www.thepaystubs.com/ to manage payroll and more. I don’t care if I’m paying a private company or Uncle Sam. All I want is health insurance.

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