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Lighten Up

After scanning my last few blogs, I noticed how serious and ra ra ra politics they were. So I’ve decided to insert, hopefully, a none heavy post to give a break from the important. Feel free to ignore it if you like the hard stuff and tire easily of the soft randomness of life. Otherwise enjoy.

So, I’m working on this story that could be a novel or it could be a graphic novel. I am seriously leaning towards the comic aspect because so much of it is action and sex. Lots and lots of sex. There is innuendo and just plain fucking at times, though always in concert with some other activity. No use in wasting entire scenes on screwing.

I have a feeling this has as much to do with my increased libido as it does with my last story being all about repression and needing an outlet. It seems I have gone to the extremes in two stories, which makes me wonder what my next will be like. Plain Jane and boring or finding an extreme in a different context? We’ll see.

Non Sequitar: I’m taking my mother to the hospital tomorrow. No worries. She’s going in for a procedure her doctor called a “dusting and cleaning.” The fact that a professional individual would talk about my mom’s lady parts like that leans me to not worrying about it. With all luck, I will even get to work on time.

One of my uncles had open heart surgery today, which was shocking to hear not having any prior knowledge of his condition. When I called my mother, it was to wish her a happy birthday. But then the conversation went to the dropping of the bomb about my uncle, only to have my mother start cursing because Uncle Tony went off somewhere and she couldn’t find him. This was all then aggravated further by an appointment she needed to make that was set for thirty minutes from the time of my call. It seems I had wonderful timing. I politely hung up and said I would see her in the morning.

Speaking of, I need to wake up at 5am tomorrow so I have enough time to drive to my mother’s home and pick her up at 6am. One would think I would just go up to her home and sleep there over night, but until you’ve heard my mother snore, you just don’t understand.

I’m alone in the office again. I’ve come to enjoy the quiet and the opportunity to spend time writing. Getting back to my comic/novel, I’ve got about 12 pages written, which in retrospect seems small, but I still have at least half the story left, if not more. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a way to stretch it out or just be satisfied with the good I have and figure out what to do with it later.

Non Sequitar: I randomly leafed through my high school year book yesterday. I don’t know what gave my the inkling, but I found myself sitting on the floor by my bookcase, trying to find pictures of myself. I was never one to show up a lot in yearbook, for the simple fact that on Picture Day I was always out of school. I had a mentorship that had me out of class one day a month, and that day would always line up with yearbook pictures. I was annoyed then and slightly still am. I know pride is not important, but one wants to at least be acknowledged for their accomplishments, however non-important they may be after the fact. One thing that did please me: my best friend mentioned my name in their senior quote. It was slightly amazing to realize we’ve lasted this long.

Well, I suppose that is suitably random and rambling enough to qualify as funny or at least harmless. Back to serious stuff next time.

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