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Greta Garbo Moment —

Sometimes it is the simplest answer possible and I need to accept that. My SO said they wanted to be alone. That was it. They wanted to be alone. My SO didn’t want to talk to anyone, didn’t want to interact with anyone. They just wanted to be alone, in their own head, and though […]

Unfair —

I woke up angry and upset today because of a situation caused by my SO. My SO, who knows I need constant reassurance because of my emotional issues, calls me once I get off work yesterday and says, “I want to be alone tonight; I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon.” No warning and no explanation given, […]

Lighten Up —

After scanning my last few blogs, I noticed how serious and ra ra ra politics they were. So I’ve decided to insert, hopefully, a none heavy post to give a break from the important. Feel free to ignore it if you like the hard stuff and tire easily of the soft randomness of life. Otherwise […]

The Country We Should Be At War With —

North Korea has convicted two American journalists, Euna Lee & Laura Ling, for “grave crimes against North Korea” and sentenced them to 12 years in prison, the maximum possible punishment. They are to be transferred to a labor camp in ten days. I am normally not a pro-war person, but, in the case of North […]

DA/DT: The New Third Rail of Politics —

Yet another setback in the ongoing struggle for gay rights and equality in our country: the Supreme Court refused to hear a case challenging the validity of the prejudicial military policy “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, instead covering their behinds by stating it was up to the Congress to change or amend the practice. What happened […]

New Hampshire Makes 6! —

How come I didn’t hear about this? The New Hampshire governor on Wednesday signed into law gay marriages rights.Full Article Here Thanks to lazy circles for the article and info. Seriously, why didn’t I read or hear about this before today?

Checking In —

I know I should be better about updating my blog, but, like I know I should be better about a myriad of things in my life, I haven’t been. So, a synopsis of the latest. My brother graduated from college recently. It was an interesting experience for many reasons. 1- He attended the same college […]

Sometimes, I hate the unpredictability of my job. I won’t go into detail, but I basically don’t have a day off. I can’t be spontaneous when it comes time to