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It’s Official

We are now cohabiting.

This past week has been a sweaty, long, humid affair. We had to move all of my crap out of the 1BR into the 2BR w/ a Family Room. Granted the two buildings are about 500-750ft apart, but half of the trek was on grass. Not fun. Besides hauling way too much stuff from one floor to another, our errands included, but were not limited to, the following:
– dismantling the Fios DVR boxer and router
– waiting for the Fios guy to install new DVR boxes and router
– cleaning for 2 1/2 hours last night
– dropping off the keys and rent checks through the rest of this year this morning
In total, it took 4 separate days to get it all done. However arduous it all was, though, it’s over.

Well, at least my part of this torturous affair is complete. My stuff is officially out of the old and into the new place. Nothing is clean. Everything is everywhere, but it’s there.

Stage two of this affair starts in a week. My SO is going away to beat people with sticks. Anyone else been to War? I hear it’s fun, though if I went I imagine all I’d do is read, knit, or crochet. I’m not the hitting-people-with-sticks type, but to each their own.

In the interim, I’m going to try to make sense of the tornado that is our apartment. My SO’s stuff will join mine once he’s returned next Saturday. He leaves tomorrow morning.

To be honest, I am both looking forward to and dreading the coming week. We are with each other every day. It’s been two years since the last War my SO attended, and I’m not ashamed to say it sucked. A whole week without the person you love is not fun, not matter the level of freedom is gives. But, with my SO out of the way, I will defiantly get a lot done. And, frankly, I need to in order to fit anything else in the place.

I planned out my weekend, figuring filling it up will keep me from thinking too much about the seven long days I have ahead. Saturday I’ll be spending with friends. And my mother is coming over Sunday to help with the mess.

I’m thinking my Mom will have laundry and kitchen duty. (The place has a washer & dryer in unit. I love our apartment.) It’s enough to be substantial work without taxing her too much. I like the free labor, but I’d be lying if I said my mother was the cleaning type.

As for me, I’m thinking I’ll attack the desk nook (Family Room). Currently, I have notebooks and papers strewn all over, along with CD’s and books. I’m going to buy a dresser to organize the notebooks and papers, and I have a rather large bookcase for the rest. This can get done, but it requires me to not be my normally lazy, procrastinating self. We’ll see how it goes.

In the interim, I really need to start kicking my ass. I saw a recent picture of myself and wanted to vomit. I ignored the fact that the photo was of me and my best friend, who is very pregnant and cute, and fixated on my arms and my stomach. I literally said, “I’m fat” out loud, realizing we were about the same size. So, while my SO is away, I’ll be getting up and doing yoga before work.

I’ve also been calculating my calorie intake, which has been horrible. Since nothing is organized and there is literally stuff everywhere, I haven’t been able to cook. We’ve eaten fast food at least one meal (if not more) a day for a week. That will stop tomorrow.

So, yeah. We have an apartment together. This is real commitment. Did I mention I’m scared shitless? This is the first person I’ve lived with since my first relationship, which ended when my boyfriend was arrested and taken out of the house while I was at work. Long story.

Anyway, on a lighter note… nope can’t think of anything. Going back to work now.

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