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While I Was Away… —

…I turned 26 yesterday! Yeah me, now a year older, but feeling just the same. My birthday was quite relaxing. I accomplished nothing of great importance, which is how I like it. My SO and I didn’t wake up to an alarm. I watched crappy television while my SO slept in (damn you circadian rhythm). […]

So Much Space —

It’s official: my SO & I will cohabitat come the end of the month. Yesterday we had the pleasant experience of a walk through in the new apartment. It’s on the first floor, no stairs to walk up or down, and looks out onto a grassy field behind the building. It’s huge. Two bedrooms, one […]

Because I Cannot Say It Better —

Melissa Harris-Lacewell’s essay titled Celebrating the Full Narrative of America. In it, she speaks about the conflicting views of African Americans concerning Independence Day. And yes, I got the link to the Frederick Douglass speech from her Twitter. [Twitter is the new black.] She teaches at Princeton and is totally awesome.

Four More Forgotten Founding Fathers —

From the fine folks at MentalFloss.com, an article about four of the 56 (yes, there were 56) signers of the Declaration of Independence. Article found here. Enjoy.

4th of July Required Reading —

Frederick Douglass Speech July 5, 1852: What to the Slave is the Fourth of July? Okay, so this is long and dense, but worth the read. I, being a dork and alone in the office, read it out loud. With each word, you can feel his passion and conviction. It’s pretty amazing, and, unfortunately, sad […]


Found this page through Twitter. [Aside: I don’t know how I used to get through the day without Twitter.] Best caption ever shown below. Literally laughed until my posterior was no more. Ana Marie Cox (I’m assuming she said this cause I don’t know who Jason Linkins is): Joe Biden, as always, reminding Hillary that […]