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While I Was Away…

…I turned 26 yesterday! Yeah me, now a year older, but feeling just the same.

My birthday was quite relaxing. I accomplished nothing of great importance, which is how I like it. My SO and I didn’t wake up to an alarm. I watched crappy television while my SO slept in (damn you circadian rhythm). I ate a reasonably good breakfast, thin crust pizza for lunch, beer & crabs for dinner. I spent time with my friends, and we had a lot of laughs.

I did my best to not worry or think about family issues. I let my laziness rob me of playing pool or catching a crappy movie. (Aside: My birthday is the one time out of the year I can drag my SO to see a horrible movie with me. We were going to see “The Proposal,” but alas, a nap won out instead.) All-in-all, a really good birthday.

One thing I was grateful for: I forgot about an auction that happened yesterday. When Ella died, I packed up boxes and boxes of stuff. Ever since then, I’ve been meaning to go through it all, but the task seemed so daunting. I let it all sit in storage, paying rental fees for an entire year.

Now that my SO and I are moving in, I decided to let the items go. I took all the lamps (5) and 15 of the boxes over. Unfortunately, I could only fit about six of the boxes on my table. I still have a lot of stuff left, but it will all eventually go up for sale.

I have fond memories of some of the items from my childhood, but I left it all in storage for a year. If I really cared about this stuff, it would have already been a part of my life. I was just holding on to the items as a way of holding on the Ella and, to me, that is not healthy. I’ll get a letter and a check in the mail soon, itemizing how the sale went. I’m going to try to get everything else to the auction as soon as I can. It’s been long enough. I need to let go.

Non Sequitur: I had another dream last night that I want to transform/elaborate into a story. It was odd, but interesting. The quick version: the story will center around people with the ability to send their minds to another place while their bodies remain. Yes, I know it sounds like The Matrix, but it’s really not. Trust me. I already have my notes from the dream written out. Now I need to figure out the story arc, name characters, and elaborate on the conflict.

I will say this, counting down in your dream to when you’ll wake up, and then it happening, is freaky. For about ten minutes, I thought my dream was real.

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