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This morning Dick Armey, former lobbyist for DLA Piper (a Washington law office) and current chairman of FreedomWorks (a conservative organization dedicated to advancing an agenda of “lower taxes, less government, and more freedom”), was interviewed on NPR by Steve Innskeep during Morning Edition.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of my morning nap (before work) being interrupted by Mr. Innskeep interviewing RNC Chairman Michael Steele. Steele, a man I DID NOT VOTE for in his Senatorial bid, was flustered, not able to explain how he could both support Medicare but be against a public option. I had hoped Mr. Armey’s interview would be just as informative and nonacquiescent. Unfortunately, I was left screaming at my radio on my way into work.

Armey Encourages Good Manners at Town Halls

There were many things said in this interview that upset me.

He calls the interruptions, and down right theft, of town hall meetings as people acting “rambunctious” and being “colorful.” He contends the source of the anxiety of disrupting citizens as their frustration at being talked “down to like a child,” and they resent this.

I ask: when has a representative been able to speak to their constituents freely? Because of rebellious tactics to disrupt the meetings, very few Representatives or Senators have been given the chance to speak.

He believes “the source of the anger” of the constituents was because they saw their elected official as not taking them seriously, “as well informed citizens.” Well, when they are spewing fabrications trumped up by radical conservatives, how is one to take such unfettered lunacy seriously?

Now Mr. Innskeep does bring up the fact that people have been instructed to interrupt town halls, and some have even brought guns to the protests outside the meeting. Mr. Armey then contends he knows of no one who has instructed people to do this, and sees these actions as counterproductive to their cause. But, I have to point out, he does not denounce those who have done it. He does not explicitly say it is wrong for citizens to carry weapons outside a Presidential town hall, nor does he say it is uncalled for when people compare our President to Hitler.

Mr. Armey goes on to say the pro-HCR citizens are not as “intense” as the anti-HCR persons. This makes me wonder what his definition of “intense” is. Is it disruptive, argumentative, rude? Is it radical, irrational, racist? If any of these come close to what he means by “intense,” then no, the pro-HCR citizens are not so.

Of course, my definition of intense includes ideals such as dedication, knowledge, respect, and equality. But, then again, I’m not a conservative out to push an agenda that, ultimately, would allow more people to go bankrupt and/or die because of health insurance companies. I’m just little old, fair minded, wanting the best for all in this nation, me.

Mr Armey finishes his interview with a veiled threat to elected officials, saying should they vote for this bill, they risk not being reelected. Seriously, I screamed at the radio. Very very loudly.

The ironic part about Mr. Armey’s conclusion is that I believe the exact opposite will happen. Should we pull this off, should the Democrats grow a set of balls, and use the power the American people granted them, they could change one the of greatest problems our country currently faces, and help millions of citizens, including myself.

Mr. President, Democrats in the House and Senate, this is the time to make HCR happen. Sen. Kennedy died without seeing “the cause of his life” fulfilled. It is time for that change. Make it happen!

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