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Soon, It Will Come —

Farīdābād I had hoped to write and edit a blog post today about my experience at, well outside, the town hall meeting for one of my local Senators. However, I have already frustrated myself beyond measure dealing with trying to figure out how to upload audio onto this blog. For some silly reason, it is not […]

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Twitter is down. That’s annoying. To be honest, Twitter is the best part of my day (while my SO is out of state). Apparently it’s been down since 9am, which gives me little hope that it will be up again soon. Well, seeing as I have oodles of time and no rampant, instantly self indulgent, […]

Shock and Awe —

So, I’m liberal. Not that this information is a big shock to anyone, but being that I align myself with the Democratic party, I am having a hard time today. I watched Keith & Rachel’s shows from last night, and all I can think about is trying to figure out a way to stop these […]