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Shock and Awe

So, I’m liberal. Not that this information is a big shock to anyone, but being that I align myself with the Democratic party, I am having a hard time today. I watched Keith & Rachel’s shows from last night, and all I can think about is trying to figure out a way to stop these bussed in puppets of health care lobbying firms from disrupting town hall meetings.

I know this may seem like an esoteric topic, but as a person who is highly invested in the outcome of this legislation, it feels like my health is being tossed about with little regard to my personal well being. I, along with millions of other Americans, need this reform.

I understand these people are misinformed, that they are pawns of a health care industry that makes billions of dollars by kicking sick people off their rolls and keeping people (like me) from getting coverage. I understand what is going on, but I am worried that some don’t. I’m worried that the Right is going to spin these debacles they created as actual grassroots efforts to influence legislation, when most people with a brain can see that is far from the truth. I’m worried that Democrats in Congress will not stand firm in their previous commitment to the American people to help change this country. But mostly, I’m worried that one of my greatest fears is true, that no matter how hard you try and how “right” you are, money wins in the end.

So that is where my head is now and all I can do to try to make myself feel better is to think up ways to stop these people. Here are just some of the tactics I think lawmakers should try:

1- Send invitations to town hall meetings through the mail and require persons who come to show they actually live in the congressional district of the person speaking.

2- Have it be a speech-only town hall, asking for questions ahead of time from constituents. Have a transcript of the meeting available online for people to read, should they not want to attend but still want their questions answered.

3- Have an online town hall where you have to enter an address in the district, with a matching resident’s name, as the “password” to be let in.

I know there are ways to subvert all my suggestions, but it seems to me that no one in my party is standing up to these people. It’s different if you are on television (thank you Keith & Rachel). You have time to prepare and severely lash out against the falsehoods and lies perpetuated. But, if you are a person in that town hall trying to get answers and information from your representative, and some person, bussed in from out of state, keeps yelling slogans instead of letting the legislator speak to the people she represents, what are you to do?

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