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Stepping Into the Fray

Monday I attempted to attend Sen. Ben Cardin’s town hall meeting on the campus of Towson University. When I arrived, I soon found around 2000 people were there before me. I knew instantly I would not get in.

I had already planned on recording my experience through photos and audio. Since I was not going to make it inside, I walked around, took pictures, and recorded my conversations with people.

Here is my story, in pictures and sound.

I made this sign the day before, using art supplies left over from college, some sharpies, and the top of a document storage box.

Audio: at work, gearing myself up to go

Audio: the drive to the meeting

Audio: traffic

Audio: helicopter

Audio: just arrived

slight misspelling

Audio: O’Malley & Sarbanes chants
(Martin O’Malley is the current Democratic governor of Maryland; John Sarbanes is the current Democratic representative for Maryland’s 3rd district, a position formerly held by Sen. Cardin.)

Audio: signs
The Pro HCR crowd and various signs.

Audio: describing an almost argument
Pictured below.

Audio: so many people; hot day

Audio: line growth

Audio: reading Anti HCR signs

Audio: Ladies, Canadian wait time fliers
Two young ladies were passing out fliers, comparing wait times for Canada versus wait times in the US. One said she was going into the medical field, as well.

My rebuttal to their assertions: Audio: A Canadian!
I was so happy to speak with an actual Canadian about HCR. He spoke about how he had the same surgery in both Canada and the US, and it took longer to have it here.

Audio: Pro HCR conversation
Spoke with the gentleman picture below. (Note to self: Need to work on getting faces into shots.)

Audio: multiple commentaries spliced into one
Kids playing, holding Pro HCR signs, their Mom watching while sitting in the grass.

Audio: Pro HCR conversation
Spoke with woman who had intense conversation with gentleman shown below.

Audio: part of the reason why I was there

Spoke with same woman about my situation.

Audio: Anti HCR conversation
I spoke with the man pictured above. It is a long conversation, occasionally going off topic. He was nice enough, even though I do not agree with his views.

Here is a trio of pictures I took during a heated conversation that day. Some Pro HRC folks stopped the escalation.

Audio: shirt lady
I helped a lady take off her over shirt and we spoke about why she was there.

Audio: explaining AstroTurf & gentleman as weakness

Audio: lead up to Green Shirt
Me trying to be ambitious.

Audio: aftermath
Me getting teary. He was not a nice person.

Audio: Pro HCR conversation
Quick conversation after I spoke with Green Shirt. Made me feel better.

Audio: Pro HCR conversation
Gentleman says one of the reasons people are here is because of who is in office.

Audio: commentary
“Why so few?” chant reaction.

Audio: commentary; Pro HCR chant

“Get a job” is your answer to HCR?
Hummer driver anti HCR = ironic

Audio: Anti HRC conversation – couple
The lady and gentleman I spoke with in this snippet were seated rather close to the street. At times, the noise from the chanters drowns out some of what that were saying.

Audio: overheard conversation; $1 a month
The gentleman in the white shirt had a conversation with the woman and gentleman sitting on the grass. White shirt, in the audio clip, is the one asserting that paying $1 a month can keep medical bills at bay. I tried to interject myself into the discourse.

Audio: Pro HRC conversation with duo
The gentleman shown below agreed to hold my sign while I walked around. I spoke a lot with the lady shown. She was very sweet. In the audio clip above, they speak as to why they came. She talks about her troubles with the health care industry, along with her ongoing medical problems.

Audio: gentleman from before checking in

The gentleman in the first photo below spoke briefly with me before he left. In our short conversation, we spoke about how it was important people were talking, even if they weren’t changing minds.

Audio: two Pro HCR conversations
Spoke with a lady and a gentleman holding signs. She wanted to show there are people for the reform. He said our problems won’t get solved on this street, but he was still there.

Audio: conversation with sign-holder before he left
In this exchange, we talk about elections, family & friends, and politics.

Audio: others documenting experience
Musing on not being the only one with a good idea.

Audio: Pro HCR – a president of nonprofit
He is the gentleman in the tie. Next time, I will get his head in the shot too.

Audio: lit sign
Note: After looking at the second (not shown) sign again, Gov. O’Malley is actually depicted holding a binder with papers. I guess it was suppose to symbolize a bill or law.

A few commentaries towards the end of the event.


Commentary: after the meeting was let out

Commentary: leaving

And my last words on the subject later night.

Final thoughts, before bed.

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