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The Story I Never Heard

Back in June of this year, a nine year old girl and her father were murdered. Her mother, wounded, was able to shoot back at the attackers.

When I learned this, I asked myself, “Why have I not heard about this story before?” Easy answer: Another man was killed during that same time, by a person similar to the gang that killed this family.

In June, Dr. George Tiller was assassinated for the extraordinary work he did for women’s health. Also in June, Brisenia Flores and her father were murdered.

I am so sorry to learn about this now. I should have known about it then. So much of our time is often wrapped up in one news story, we can loose sight on all other important matters. But, it is also worth noting, hate mongers and radicals do not stick to the 24hour news cycle, nor do they care if they loose their spotlight to another soldier.

The following are links to the story, including information on the shooters and the article that steered me to the info.

‘Oh my God, I can’t believe they killed my family’

Some neighborhood watch

Ignoring Shawna Forde

After this experience, Crooks and Liars will now be a part of my regular internet rotation.

Frankly, I was disgusted when I read this story. What kind of country have we become when shooting a 9 yr old girl in cold blood can be missed or ignored? And, as I write that, inside I know part of the reason has to do with her last name.

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