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#02 Mr. President – Sir, You Need To Fight

The following is a letter I wrote to the President, concerning his upcoming speech on healthcare tomorrow.

“We are confronted with a moral issue.” -JFK

Mr. President,

You are to give an important speech this Wednesday concerning healthcare reform.

Sir, you need to fight. I know it is your nature to be the peace maker, the compromiser, but this is not the time for that.

Mr. President, why are you letting the people that lost, the people most Americans did not vote for, take hold of the conversation and morph this opportunity with lies and deceit.

Sir, we would love you more if you fought hard and lost, rather than settle for a compromise that will leave us left wanting.

Pres. Truman was the father of Medicare, 20 years after his initial defeat, because he fought, and lost, but kept on fighting.

“We are a very crippled giant, suffering from self inflicted wounds, that if we do not treat and heal, will in fact bring us to our knees and ultimately to our dome.” – Bill Moyers

Mr. President, you inherited one of the worse set of situations our country has ever faced, but I will not let you use this as an excuse to not live up to your promises. We lost the liberal lion, Teddy Kennedy, this past week. He died without seeing “the cause of his life” fulfilled. Invoke him as your mantel, this cause is his cause, and rally the people to fight against those who see patients as profits, the poor as pathetic liabilities, and say, “No more! No more will we allow you to deny coverage, to anyone! No more will we allow you to passively choose who lives and who dies! No more will we let the least of us be treated as less!” No more, Mr. President. No more.

This is your chance to help 45 million Americans without health insurance, thousands of Americans who’ve gone bankrupt, and thousands more who died because they could not get adequate care. There are literally millions of people who need you to NOT compromise, who need you to fight.

Please, Sir, fulfill your promises, screw up your courage, your grit, and yell as bombastically as Sen. Kennedy would have wanted you to, “NO MORE!”

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