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Making A Real Effort

About a week and a half ago, I joined the local YMCA. First of all, IT’S HUGE! It’s like the size of a middle school. Seriously, it’s big.

[Aside: Oh my gosh, we are disgusting. And by we, I mean my SO & I. Seriously, I kiss him before bed each night. I do silly girlly, I-would-hate-myself-if-I-saw-myself chic talk, both at home and over the phone. We are gross, though thankfully not when anyone is around. Sorry bout this; my SO called to ask me to meet him somewhere other than work later on today. Now, back to the post. /Aside]

I found the Y on a Wednesday, stopped by on Thursday, and signed up on Friday. We were lucky enough to sneak in while they were waving the $100 joining fee. Instead, we just spend $75/mo for unlimited access during business hours, as well as a host of free classes.

Speaking of free classes, my ass is making a good faith effort to get to the gym. There is a 5:45a Studio Cycling (Spin) class MWF. I was able to make it last Monday and this Monday, but both Wednesday & Friday last week the SO needed to be at work at 6a and 7a respectively, making it a no go for classes those days.

Lessons I have learned thus far from my YMCA experience:

1- Waking up at 5a isn’t so bad, as long as you go to bed by 10:30p.

2- Bike shorts are a gift from God, well worth the $85 I spent on two pair.

3- Anyone, and I mean anyone, can handle a Spin class. My first day was hard, but my instructor insists on going at your own pace. The ages ranged from me (the youngest) up to a woman who, most likely, gets a Social Security check each month. And all of us did fine.

4- Resistance is beautiful torture. I did not anticipate how hard the class could be, if you push yourself, nor did I know how good I would feel each time I left. Yes, my legs burned and my bum wasn’t roses and sunshine, but I felt good. Really good, in fact, which is why I want to stick with it.

5- Weight training is in order. Spin is awesome, but there is nothing like strengthening your muscles and joints. My plan is to do Spin Mondays and Fridays, leaving Wednesdays for free weight fun.

I have a plan. Now I just have to stick with it. Who knows? I may end up in such good shape next year, I will not laugh when a work colleague asks me if I want to train for a triathlon (which is what happened on Saturday, including the copious amounts of giggling.)

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