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Nothing Too Important

I’m writing this post mostly to get Dick Armey off the top of my post list. Still can’t stand that man, by the way.

Last night didn’t suck as much as I thought it would. I, being not rich, accepted a gig to work 8pm to 7am for a company based out of New York. A sometimes coworker called me up, asking if I wanted to work, and I, being also stupid, said yes. He even managed to wrangle me into getting my SO to work, as well. In retrospect I’m glad he did, considering it’s easier to deal with annoyance and sleeplessness when you have someone to joke around with.

The gig itself was whatevs. The people weren’t the best in terms of organizing all aspects, but they got the job done and acted respectfully to all. In my book, that goes a long way. Best of all, they let me go at 4am. Truth be told, I would have been happy to leave at 1am, and I’m not sweating the extra three hours not worked AT ALL. Leaving at 4am translated into me getting four hours of sleep and only being late to work by 15mins.

Currently, I’m munching on mini rice cakes, happy that my Red Bull headache has gone away. Of course, my sleepiness has also come back. I don’t know if I’ll do Red Bull anymore. Today was my first experience with it, and it wasn’t the best. A coworker postulated it was the large amount of caffiene in the drink giving me the headache. Being as I don’t drink coffee, tea, or more than two sodas on any given occasion, I would have to agree.

I am incredibly tired, but I keep focusing on the check coming in the mail. Funny what people will do for money; e. g. pimps, hoes, podiatrists, and personal assistants.

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