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Photo Friday —

This week’s photo wrap up has a fall theme, though not intentionally. Just sorta happened that way, considering it’s autumn and all. Outside the Office Sitting in morning rush hour traffic Trees on the sidewalk My pumpkin, chillin outside Closeups of my pumpkin’s tattoos The table was looking at me. And finally…why so sad Mr. […]

(Un)Healthy Behavior? —

[PLEASE NOTE: TAKE NONE OF THIS SERIOUSLY! This is me venting. This post is not a testament of what current actions I plan to take, nor is it a hashing out of future plans of any kind. This post is for venting purposes only and should be read as such. Thank you.] On the drive […]

Elbow Photos —

Here is a close up of my first sling configuration and a shot of the offending elbow. Here is a shot of the second, and frankly better, sling currently in use. I knotted the rope, making a large loop, and placed it over my head. The knot is below my right arm while the top […]

Annoyance of the Hour —

Currently, most of the weight of holding my left arm up is being supported by my neck. Saturday night, as I parked the car after a long day of worked, a shooting pain in my elbow made me yelp. I had hoped this pain would pass while I slept, but intermittently yesterday, while sitting at […]

Photo Friday —

I’ve been at this whole blogging thing for a while now, so I thought I might start a little series I’m calling Photo Friday. I carry a crappy little digital camera in one of my cargo pockets wherever I go. As such, I get shots of some of the interesting moments of my days. Here […]

Advantages of a Ghetto Movie Theatre —

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I am deathly afraid of scary movies. Like ridiculously so. Like I couldn’t sleep in my dorm room for five days after seeing The Ring, kept noticing the figure of a young girl in a white gown out of the corner of my eye, ran out […]

Reverse & Repeat —

I’m not depressed per say, just sad. I got a letter in the mail this weekend from my health insurer stating my sessions with my therapists will not be covered past the 17th of next month. That means I have one session left. If anything, I am fearful. I initially started going to her because […]

My First Rejection —

Well, technically it is my second, but my first was never getting a call back. This one was rejected. Actually, not chosen. I entered a small contest on a literary agent’s blog. You post the first paragraph of a story you are currently working on. That’s it. I was entry #2446, I think. Today he […]

And In Other News… —

We had sex. It was fun. Enough of that thought, until next therapy session. What I really want to talk about is: I submitted a story to a literary journal Tuesday. And I am so nervous. On their website it said to not expect any response back for quite some time. So, for now, I’m […]

Headache Making —

Today hasn’t been the best day, and, unfortunately, it is because it did not start well. When my SO came to bed last night, it was at 1:48am. I know this because, somehow, it woke me up. In fact, I thought it might be time to go to the gym. It, obviously, was not. So […]