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And In Other News…

We had sex. It was fun. Enough of that thought, until next therapy session.

What I really want to talk about is: I submitted a story to a literary journal Tuesday. And I am so nervous. On their website it said to not expect any response back for quite some time. So, for now, I’m buckling down and trying not to think about it.

But, of course, that’s not happening. I trolled their website a little more and saw another submission window coming up. The specific contest requires an ultra short story, so I created one on the spot. The submission window doesn’t open for a few months, but I thought it best to start now. Hopefully, by then, I will have a plethora of options to choose from for submission.

I know I have not been as proactive as I should be when it comes to my writing. Yes, I have created some good stories, but I have not made a commitment to anything long form. Rather, I rested on the concise, small scope of the short story genre instead of challenging myself with something bigger and more difficult. Also, I should be submitting to MANY more journals, not just one. Basically I’ve worked, but it has been lackadaisical.

To that end, well I don’t know. The thought had occurred to me that I should start carrying around my laptop again, but I am still jittery from having my first one stolen. And it’s heavy. But I find writing to flow better when I’m typing away, rather than trying to write out my words. My hands cramp; I can never work as fast as my brain processes. It is just not ideal. Then I pondered buying a net book, but I already own a laptop. Why would I buy a second computer just to kick my ass to do work?

So I’m left there. And the fact that the office is empty right now. So maybe I should be writing a story instead of this entry. Hmmm…

PS. My writers’ group has been going extremely well. I have submitted four stories (two each session) with two more up for this weekend.

There is an interesting situation where people don’t seem to want to step up and submit. Yes,we are small, but I have gotten away with submitted three sessions in a row. I wonder who is going to finally step up and say, “Why don’t you take a session off?”

Of course, until then, I’m going to keep milking as much as I can from these folks. I NEED feedback, so I will grasp at whatever chance I can get.

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