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Annoyance of the Hour

Currently, most of the weight of holding my left arm up is being supported by my neck. Saturday night, as I parked the car after a long day of worked, a shooting pain in my elbow made me yelp. I had hoped this pain would pass while I slept, but intermittently yesterday, while sitting at a light board for about 9 hrs, my elbow lightly throbbed. And when I woke up to go to the gym this morning, it was worse.

So I took a scarf and wrapped it around my wrist. Then I took a short piece of rope and used two slip knots to fashion a homemade sling. That’s right; I’m crafty!

For the most part, it’s helped. Driving to work this morning was fun (I drive stick!) and typing at times was hairy, until I adjusted the rope to a better length. Overall, the pain from the pressure of the rope on my wrist has out weighted the throbbing in my elbow, but I think I’ll keep it this way for at least another day.

The last time this happened, I was in college, it was the other arm, and I couldn’t manage to brush my hair. If you will recall, it can get quite long and, at the time, was longer than what I donated recently. I called my Dad, who told me to just rest my arm for a few days, which worked then. Here’s hoping it will work again, cause my doctor’s appointments aren’t until mid December (stacking all three in one day!).

Photo of sling & offending elbow to be added once I get home tonight.

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