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Elbow Photos

Here is a close up of my first sling configuration and a shot of the offending elbow.

Here is a shot of the second, and frankly better, sling currently in use. I knotted the rope, making a large loop, and placed it over my head. The knot is below my right arm while the top of the sling is on my left shoulder. This spreads the weight of my arm across my chest and is easier to get in and out of, say when I had to drive last night to pick up my SO from work.

And here is the wrap currently on my elbow. My SO did a MUCH better job of placing it last night before bed, but I had to take it off sometime this morning to give my skin a chance to breathe. It’s pretty obvious this attempt was self administered.

One might ask what is the best part about this situation. Well tomorrow is one of those not so often days that I have to do actual physical labor for work during a week day. Golly gee, yah don’t say! I’m hoping I feel better by Wednesday night because I know, even if I am in pain, I’ll still work.

There is a 50/50 chance that, like the summer, I will have to take one day off a week to help cut back the winter payroll (i.e. save my boss money). And though I love sitting on my ass and watching television at home, money is nice too.

Snark aside, on the pain scale, I’m probably a three. So really, this is just annoying. I’ve dealt with cramps worst than this while working. And I know if I go anywhere above say a five, I will go to the hospital. But, for right now, wrap is rest are what I’m putting my hope in.

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