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Photo Friday

I’ve been at this whole blogging thing for a while now, so I thought I might start a little series I’m calling Photo Friday. I carry a crappy little digital camera in one of my cargo pockets wherever I go. As such, I get shots of some of the interesting moments of my days. Here is a wrap up of the past week, along with a few shots I just love.


Yesterday, on my drive to pick up the SO, the sky was filled with this amazing pattern in the clouds. I could not recall seeing anything like this before, so I took pictures while driving. And before someone comments about how dangerous this is, I placed the camera on the steering wheel and didn’t look through the view finder to aim. I just snapped a few, hoping they would turn out. And they did.


On a rather windy day last week, leaves literally blew into the office and all over the floor. The next day I eventually swept them up and deposited them back outside, where they belonged.


One day at work, I had an orange with lunch. I was able to get the entire rind off in one piece, and the shape looked interesting. So I started playing around with different ways to pose it and shoot it. If I could have, I would have saved it. It was fun to play with and looked awesome. Definitely my best peel to date.


Last Friday, I went to a pumpkin party at some friends’ home. (BTW: love their house; they are very handy and have already made things look better since they moved in, with more fixes to come. And yes, I will use them for my first home, assuming that happens sometime in my lifetime.)

1- Hand model, I am not, but I still thought it looked cool, the string of gunk that comes when you pop the top of your pumpkin.

2- That’s a shot of the front of my pumpkin, though in retrospect I should have taken photos of the sides as well. I carved out the Obama O and a tree on two of the sides, but not the back. Didn’t want to ruin the front effect.

3- Lights on.

4- Lights off.

Getting my hands dirty and carving my yearly pumpkin was a lot of fun, even though half the party bailed.

I brought a baker’s dozen cupcakes from Cakelove. First time experiencing their food. Will definitely be back. Seriously delicious cupcakes, well worth the price. Two favorites: red velvet & German chocolate cake.

And thus concludes this week’s Photo Friday. More to come in the weeks ahead.

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