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Bad Day —

I had hoped my next post would be a wrap up of my Turkey Day Vaca (actual title of soon-to-be entry), but life has once again spoiled my plans. As of January 1st, or sooner if I so choose, my job position will be eliminated. That’s right folks: I’ve been laid off. The economy sucker […]

When It’s Easy to Be Ignorant —

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the issue of putting gay marriage/partnerships to a vote. People can’t understand why, when you poll folks one month they are for equality for gays, but then the next month it’s voted down. Today I read an article in Newsweek, suggesting maybe it is the portrayal of gay characters in […]

Crush —

Yes, it is 2am. No, I do not have tomorrow off and am thereby sacrificing sleep to write this post. Why, you might ask? Because, in yet another reason why I want to loose weight, there is this chic at work I seriously want to bone. No, I shouldn’t call her a chic, especially because […]

Photo Friday/Sunday —

So, as per usual, the thing I couldn’t find was right in front of my face. Thus, here is the Sunday edition of Photo Friday. My Jack-o-Lantern forgot to brush his teeth. And oh so much candy rotted my pumpkin’s brain. Blood red leaves on a tree in my complex. I took this photo while […]

Photo Friday Delayed —

Sorry folks, you awesome few who actually read my musings. Photo Friday will have to wait a few days. I seem to have misplaced my memory card reader. Therefore, I have no way to actually post the photos I have taken. But, be brave; I think I know where it is. However, I have to […]


There is this saying when one is in a relationship: Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? I chose to be happy. We hugged. I apologized for being bitchy. He told me it was no big deal. And then we sat and talked about politics for about 30 minutes, […]

Always in the Car —

My morning has not been fun. I will explain. As many of you know, yesterday was election day. I was only half interested in the results, seeing as my county did not hold elections. Last night I signed onto Twitter and found through a link an up-to-date posting of results. I went to bed knowing […]