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Bad Day

I had hoped my next post would be a wrap up of my Turkey Day Vaca (actual title of soon-to-be entry), but life has once again spoiled my plans.

As of January 1st, or sooner if I so choose, my job position will be eliminated. That’s right folks: I’ve been laid off. The economy sucker punched me today; I am now a statistic.

Of course my life hasn’t ended. I have money saved up to help cushion the hardship (thank God for the invention of the Emergency Fund), not to mention an SO helping to pay half the rent. All-in-all, things could be worse. Having said that, I know I’m going to spend a good amount of time in today’s therapy session (well scheduled, I know!) trying to allow myself to cry about it.

I hope my next post here will be more fun than this one.

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  1. Atif Myers says:

    that sucks! I’m sorry about this.