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Yes, it is 2am. No, I do not have tomorrow off and am thereby sacrificing sleep to write this post. Why, you might ask? Because, in yet another reason why I want to loose weight, there is this chic at work I seriously want to bone.

No, I shouldn’t call her a chic, especially because she is older and more mature than I. But oh, how I want to do things with her. Her name is Liz. She is this short red head with stories to tell and sexual appeal oozing out of her ALL THE TIME.

She is currently in a bisexual poly-amorous relationship, which makes me think I have at least an inkling of a chance.

And…I got her phone number tonight! Score!

And it turns out, she lives about ten minutes away from me. I had the good fortune of giving her a ride home from work tonight. Seriously, the entire way, all I could think about was how I wanted to fuck her and how I had better not fuck up the conversation, thereby ruining my chances at getting in her pants.

I think the stars may be aligned on this one, or maybe I’m just hoping because I’ve seriously wanted her from day one.

When it comes to me and my attraction two women, there are two categories/influences: 1) physical & 2) personality. Physical is obvious; people want to fuck attractive women. Personality is more nuanced.

For instance, in high school I grew really close to one friend. I didn’t realize it until much too late, but I had fallen for her because of her personality. Who she was was all I wanted to be around and talk to for hours each night on the phone. Basically, personality goes a long way for me.

This woman from work is heavy on #2 with a healthy dose of #1. So I really have no choice but to want her. To me, she is the ideal female paramour.

But alas, I am not a natural pursuer; therefore, for now, I will try to cultivate a friendship that I may, one day, be able to pivot into something physical.

As soon as she got out of my car, I started freaking out. She had been in my car! She had had a one-on-one conversation with me for 1 1/2 hours. She didn’t just sit in silence while I conveyed her to her place.

In the car alone, I kept talking to my self, cause I was all hot and bothered. If she had told me to come inside, I would have. I would have done just about anything for her tonight. If only she knew.

The things I want to do to her…

The things I want her to do to me…

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