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Man Up Or Shut Up

I am so sick and tired of people putting all this importance and pressure on the Massachusetts Senate race. Face it DNC: you fucked up. You chose the wrong candidate for the position, didn’t realize her level of unawares about the most basic of Boston knowledge (namely that Kurt Schilling is NOT a Yankee fan), discovered her inability to run well most inopportunely (famously her snarky comment about not wanting to stand outside a ballpark and shake people’s hands), and you waited until too late to bring in the President for aid. YOU FUCKED UP.

Lets be honest: Massachusetts doesn’t give a flying fuck about national health reform. They have a better system than the one on the table in Washington, so if it passes or fails, it won’t matter in the least to them. And, frankly, tell me a way Brown has fucked up in this campaign, past centerfolds aside.

DNC: Ya’ll screwed the pooch royally with this one and a Democratic seat for over thirty years is about to turn red. If Teddy isn’t rolling over in his grave, he’s probably banging on the casket door so he can get out and whoop some ass.

But, beyond this little kerfuffle, one Senator shouldn’t matter. In case we all have “New President Amnesia”, our past Commander-in-Chief was able to push through legislation without the super-majorities the Democrats now have.

So what, you’re about to loose one Senate seat. Grow a set of balls and make the shit work. Force the Republicans to filibuster. Dare them to, in fact. Footage of any of them on the floor of Congress, blocking sweeping change that would aid 30 million American, is just what ya’ll will need for 1) public outrage to force them to stop &/or 2) re-election ads for the upcoming mid-terms.

Republicans are currently the party of no, but when did the Democrats become the party of bend over? Your counterparts have screwed you basically from jump this legislative session. They were united against the stimulus in the House. Only one member, Joseph Cao of Louisiana, voted for the House’s health bill. In the Senate, not one voted for the Health overhaul and only Olympia Snow, Susan Collins, and, now Democrat, Arlen Specter voted for the stimulus. They’re blocking nominations just cause they want to, and no one seems to have the guts to knock a few heads and twist a few arms.

Why has no one pulled the Chairmanship card with Lieberman? It’s this simple: We don’t care how you vote in the final ballot, but you vote with us on procedures or we’ll take your spot. DONE. One opportunistic man’s vote secured. Seriously, we spent so much time on that fool, I wanted to throttle both him and the people that bothered to listen to his senile rantings.

Democratic party, members of the House & Senate, Mr. President: you just have to say FUCK ‘EM. Push your agenda, make them work their games, and when the American people ask who killed health reform, show footage of their threatened filibuster. When a citizen asks why their child was dropped from their family plan, show them pictures of Rep. Boehner & Rep. Cantor, Sen. McConnell & Sen. Grassley, red in the face from reading David Copperfield all night. Tell them, “I pushed for reform, but these people just worked to screw you.”

Care more about the people you represent than trying to get reelected, and, for once, tell the people the God’s honest truth: Republicans don’t give a flying fuck about Americans. They just do what their donors tell them.

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