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A Healthy Dose of Duh

I don’t know if it’s irony or poetic justice that my ex has nixed the idea of us roommating again.  I brought up where I wanted to live and he mentioned how his bus ride would be over 1 1/2hrs.  (I did not bring up how I drive that amount for him now.)  He also used the one tool that would grab my attention: his mother.

She is still having financial troubles.  She hasn’t gotten another job yet.  She’s hoping unemployment will help brunt the pain.  His mother is roughly the same age as mine, but for some reason she seems to be elderly.  She’s only 59, but she walks like she’s 69.  Unfortunately, she won’t qualify for Social Security for another six years.  Bridging the gap between now and then will require assistance, most likely from my ex.

His mother doesn’t want to move out of Washington, DC.  She gets health care through the government there and fears she will loose coverage if she moves.  My ex refuses to live in the district again.  I do not want to be caught up in that mess again.

My roommate agreement idea does not cover all the drama that is bound to fall upon my ex’s life in the next six years.  I can see myself still being a good friend to him, and most likely a neighbor, but I can’t be caught up in that mess.  And he knows that, which is why we can’t live together.

So now I’m faced with high rent in a slightly seedy place, but at least it’ll be close to work.  I’ll save on gas, be able to ride my bike (i.e. more exercise), and hopefully be okay with just being me, alone.

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