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Options, Options

The way I see it, I only have a few options as to what I’m going to do come July 31st (the last day of the lease with the boyfriend).

1) Stay in the same apartment, but get a roommate.  This way, I will be paying about the same amount I am right now.  The obvious downsides include the price of gas for motoring into the DC metro area and I would have to deal with another person in my personal space, one with whom I don’t know so well.

2) Move into the one apartment complex I got the best vibe from on Wednesday.  It is much closer to a few of the places I work than where I live right now, thereby cutting down on my gas bill.  However, it is not so close that I could bike to said places.  Plus, I would be going it alone, so my rent would be $1100.  And the only 1BR they have available for my move in time is on the fourth floor, no elevator.

3) Move into the complex closest to a few of the places I work.  The rent would be comparable to #2, $1055.  However, I could bike to work quite often, along with convient acess to the metro system.  The downsides include less space in the actual apartment (though that is true of all the places near work) and its possible sketchy nature.  Now this is only going off of Google reputation.  I will be rolling through the area tomorrow night to get a better idea of the neighbors. 

Another upside: this is probably where the ex will be living.  It is close enough that he can walk to work and have access to multiple public transportation options so he can easily go to visit family.  I like the idea of having someone in the neighborhood, so to speak, that I could call if I had any problems.  But this also leads to the situation of letting go and having lives separate from one another.  I think the differing apartments would do that just fine, but am I being too optimistic again?

So those are the options as I see them.  I will tell you right now I am leaning towards number three, if for no other reason than the cost savings in gas and the exercise potential.


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  1. Johanna says:

    My biggest advice is to look a little bit more; when we were renting, we often found more after our first search and sometimes found things we didn’t know about before. I’m sure there are more options out there, so that you would have a broader selection (even if it comes down to the ones you have already mentioned).

    I think separate apartments CAN be separate enough but would suggest that you work to ensure the separation as it could be easy to slip back to the way things were… and I believe SO would allow that to happen as he is pretty laid back and open to a variety of relationships… which seems less compatible with your goals for life.