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Passing —

I can remember when I first learned the term “passing.”  It was during a history class in middle school.  I was in the seventh grade and a cute male teacher was talking about African American history during slavery.  He mentioned how there were slaves who worked in the home, often the children of the master, […]

Eight Days —

He came home, because he forgot his lunch, and started fucking talking. Seriously?  He was still on the clock at work, and I was just trying to hold it all together. In about fifteen minutes, I’m leaving to have lunch with my father.  It’s a little early (as in date wise), but it’s for my […]

Ten Days —

Every time I walk into my apartment, I hope for two things: 1) my ex and his mother will no longer be here or 2) if they are present, he’s in the computer room and she’s in his room. The thing I hate the most about my current situation is my lack of isolation.  Often, […]