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Eight Days

He came home, because he forgot his lunch, and started fucking talking.

Seriously?  He was still on the clock at work, and I was just trying to hold it all together.

In about fifteen minutes, I’m leaving to have lunch with my father.  It’s a little early (as in date wise), but it’s for my birthday, which my ex still couldn’t remember correctly.

He keeps saying he’s hurt.  He keeps saying he doesn’t understand.  I kept telling him it’s over; he is not the man I hoped he would be. 
I told him how each time he said “I appreciate you” instead of “I love you”, it hurt.  I told him because he didn’t give me daily emotional recognition and reassurance, I often felt less than “appreciated”.

I told him, because of his financial issues, I felt like the adult in the relationship.  He disagreed, but of course gave no explanation to back up his view.

I know July 15th is only eight days away, but it feels like forever.

And all this, from just before Memorial Day til just after my birthday.  Talk about a shitty start to the summer.

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