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Monday, briefly —

WARNING: ADULT CONTENT I arranged to meet Mister Sean, a man I met in passing during camp, at a seafood restaurant near where he lives. I was in the mood for raw oysters. After our meal and extensive conversation, in which he teased me mercilessly, we headed back to his home. I must say, I […]

Weird —

Being in my late twenties, my mother has come to view me more like a friend.  Or, at least, she speaks to me that way.  Unfortunately, or hilariously, depending on the situation, this leads to interesting conversations. Today we had one that made me nauseous. In brief: my mother almost married my elementary school principle, […]

Open —

To me it seems obvious, as if a part of breathing, a fact so important to me I cannot live a life without it.  And yet, I am in the minority. In a world with six billion people, all with different lives and experiences, personalities and bodies to explore, I can never be in a […]

A Little Project I’ve Started —

Some of those in the know are keen on my fiber arts skills.  Often they’ve suggested I join Etsy and start a little shop.  But, for me, that didn’t seem the best route.  So, instead, I’ve gone in another direction. Poetic Is Crafty Like my first post says, this will be a place for me […]

An Update —

My few but loyal followers, I do apologize for my long absence. Life, and my lack of Internet, have gotten in the way of blogging. Even now, I’m writing this on my iPhone, my current consistent source for the web. Unfortunately, this is how I will have to blog again. So much has happened these […]