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DOF 2011: Friday Part 2 —

TriggeredI was very excited to play with Gray.  Our instant chemistry and flirting over the past day had only increased my anticipation.  I quickly showered, changed, and skipped (yes, skipped) down to the Pavilion.  I arrived just as the last contestant for the Wheel of Destiny volunteered. Finding my friends, I waited as the event […]

Again —

I have visited the same adult club twice and both times I have left in tears.  Tonight’s adventure was eerily similar to the first; in both instances the Dominant I needed let me down.  And so I am left wanting, hurting, unable to express the emotions I had hoped would surface through physical pain.  At […]

DOF 2011: Friday Part 1 —

This day, by far, is the hardest to write because so much happened.  My mind is dense with all the little details I want to include, all the moments that still live in the front of my thoughts, so much so that I have broken it up into two parts.  Here is the first half […]

Belated Highlights —

Okay, I know I’m suppose to be posting my DO:F 2011 entries, but they are proving difficult to write.  One, A LOT happened.  Two, it’s hard to find the time to write it all down.  And three, bringing myself back to those moments is not always easy after a long day and/or night of work.  […]

27 —

On the eve of my 28th birthday, I am more nervous than I would have anticipated.  I’ve said this quite a few times lately, but that doesn’t make it any less true: 27 was a really good year for me. From last July to now, my life has taken multiple amazing twists and turns.  A […]

DOF 2011: Thursday —

No matter what way you dress it up, blogs are acts of masturbation.  Whether stroking your Johnson or stroking your ego, it’s all very solo-sexual.  So each time I’ve thought about writing these posts, it’s felt like I’m about to jizz all over the internet, spewing my hot verbal girl juices.  And let’s face it: […]

Right Now —

What to write? Well, I could always write a re-cap of my camp experience, which, trust me, you would love reading.  And I would love writing.  And maybe I’ll do that later.  But right now, I just kinda want to blabber about how I feel in this specific moment and time.  And yes, it will […]

Night Owl —

It’s 3:27am and I’m awake. This is not insomnia; I’m just awake. Not really sleepy, cause I took a nap around 10pm til 11:45pm, but I think I’ll make myself sleep soon. So, I moved, mostly. About a third of my shit is around me now, in a house I’m sharing with three friends, who […]