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Night Owl

It’s 3:27am and I’m awake. This is not insomnia; I’m just awake. Not really sleepy, cause I took a nap around 10pm til 11:45pm, but I think I’ll make myself sleep soon.

So, I moved, mostly. About a third of my shit is around me now, in a house I’m sharing with three friends, who happen to all be in a relationship, and another friend who is riding our couch for the summer. Yup, we’re that house.

I forget lots of things, as displayed in previous posts. Tonight’s forgetting: most people don’t randomly stay up nights just fucking around on their phones. To be fair, before this move, I would’ve been watching random cable TV, which I think is a little more normal.

So, um, yeah. There are people here. I can’t just stomp around, dancing randomly to my Thriller album (vinyl; yup, I’m cool). Staying up requires me to be semi-quiet, thereby muffling my outbursts of laughter. And it’s dark, like making me uncomfortable dark. (Yes, I admit it: I’m an adult who’s scared of the dark. Bite me.)

So, compromise. That thing I haven’t had to do for a year. We meet again, fucker.

My job, by nature, gives me an odd schedule and weird sleeping habits. I was able to stay up at camp (a long post to come about that later) til 5/6am every night cause I’m used to running on little to no sleep. Oh, and of course the adrenaline helped.

But now that I’m living with people who have 9-5 jobs, I have to remember to tip toe at night, come in through the side door because they bolted the front (yeah, that will need to change; fucking pissy arrangement there), and try to be, fuck, considerate.

Living with friends is fun… right?

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