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My Eff —

I love my friends; they challenge me in ways I cannot do myself. Case and point: I just finished reading an essay by my friend Graydancer, Eff The Ineffable. In it, he challenges everyone to name the things that make you different.  Why are you a “unique little snowflake”?  Why is an experience with you […]

How I Got Here —

Sitting in this seat– Two of my roommates were sitting on the big couch, so I took the recliner. Living in this house– I met my roommates through my weekly kinky Happy Hour.  We became friends.  They wanted to move into together and needed one more roommate.  I wanted lower rent and emotional support. Finding […]

Rambling —

Back to your regularly scheduled kinky hotness soon.  Today, though, I need to just type and see what appears on my screen. I’m on a beach vacation with my best friend and her family.  They love me; I love them; it’s been good.  However, for most of my time spent here, my body has existed […]

DOF 2011: Monday —

Tying Up Loose Ends My last morning at camp began with a wake up from SkinnyBitch, who decided jumping on top of me in my bed was just the way to start my day.  My cabinmates, in an act of selflessness, had let me sleep til 10am, my record for the event. I was grumpy […]

DOF 2011: Sunday Part 2 —

Camp Awards After my conversation with Deep_End, I sat around outside with my cabinmates relaxing before the awards dinner.  Around six, though, I knew I needed to get ready.  I had already prearranged with SkinnyBitch that she was going to help me with a little plan I’d devised to ‘mindfuck camp.’  For the entirety of […]

DOF 2011: Sunday Part 1 —

I had a feeling this would happen.  I didn’t finish these posts before I left for Rope Camp, and now it is a struggle to dig through the recesses of my mind to find these memories.  Luckily, I journaled and voice memo-ed about my time.  I am nothing if not efficient.  So now, Sunday Part […]

Race Checked —

I, at times, choose to be naive about the world.  I don my rose colored glasses and skip through my days trying to not think about the woes of our existence.  I make myself forget the crap-tastic nature of things and live with hope and glee for those around me.  But there is always some […]

Unpartnered, Poly —

When describing myself as poly once, a work friend in a triad ‘corrected’ me.  “Honey, you’re single.  You’re not poly; you’re just a slut.”  Now while the second point is quite true, as anyone who has read my blog or simply had a conversation with me can affirm, I disagree with the first.  My current […]

DOF 2011: Saturday —

The further out I get from Fusion, the harder it has become to write these recaps.  My life has taken some rather pleasing twists and turns, leaving me with little time or energy to invest in these posts.  Still, I feel I need to finish, if not for my own personal pleasure in recounting my […]

There Is No Doorbell —

Once again, I am taking a small pause from my DO: Fusion 2011 recaps.  This post was too much fun to hold til whenever I finished writing about my highlights, which should be by Wednesday. My life this past year has been filled with happy random…luck; I don’t know how else to explain it.  From […]