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DOF 2011: Sunday Part 2

Camp Awards

After my conversation with Deep_End, I sat around outside with my cabinmates relaxing before the awards dinner.  Around six, though, I knew I needed to get ready.  I had already prearranged with SkinnyBitch that she was going to help me with a little plan I’d devised to ‘mindfuck camp.’ 

For the entirety of my time at Fusion, I’d gone about my days with my curly mop top, not really caring about my hair.  I don’t know why, but people seemed to be drawn to my wavy wild locks.  I thought if I changed this look it could possibly shock everyone.

I didn’t want to wake SkinnyBitch; she was napping with PrincessA and they looked oh so peaceful.  But I had to; it was getting too late. 

After I took a quick shower, I quietly nudged SkinnyBitch, telling her not to get up, but just to tell me where her flat iron was located.  She pointed out where it was and rolled back over.  Having informed CandleLover I might need her help, just in case, I grabbed the implement and we proceeded to take over the area around the bathroom sinks.

I brushed and combed out my hair as CandleLover plugged in the iron, waiting for it to get warm.  She then started the long slow process of straightening my chunky curls.  As she went along, doing the best she could with my mane, it became obvious she would not finish in time.  I decided to compromise, asking her to just do the front half.  The back I would put up on cute little puffs. 

But then, coming to the rescue, SkinnyBitch entered the bathroom with a second flat iron.  Yes, she had TWO.  Apparently she had not gone back to sleep, and, I suspect, was finally roused from bed by the flurry of activity of everyone getting ready for the camp awards.  With CandleLover on one side and SkinnyBitch on the other, they were able to straighten my entire head of hair.

This, though long, was only part of my process for getting ready.  Since I had campaigned to be Teacher’s Pet, I concluded I should dress for the part.  I put together a naughty school girl outfit: tight white collared shirt showing off my clevage, black silk tie, short black skirt with lace and metal accent hooks, short white socks with black poka dots and a black lace trim top, and the tallest high heals I own.  (Granted, my heals were the kind CandleLover wore to the park with her children, but for me it was a trial.)

With my Hello Kitty bag in tow, I rode a taxi down to dinner; I could just barely walk in those shoes.  Picking up our food from the co-op, we all made our way inside the Dining Hall and sat, funny enough, at the very last table.

Eating our last barbecue meal, roast pork, I was nervous.  In my head, I wondered if maybe I had made a mistake.  What is everyone going to think of my little campaign?  Is Gray going to be mad?  Or creeped out?  Or offended?  Maybe they didn’t even take notice of my efforts?  Should I just run away now before they even start?

But it was too late; Gregg, Kerri, and Lee stepped up to the stage. 

The trio started with the normal pleasantries, thanking everyone for coming and commending the staff for their efforts.  A few quick announcements were made.  And then…the awards.

The first award of the night was for Filthiest Fucker. 

My kinky family and I were naive.  We were innocent lovingly stupid people who didn’t realize a very basic fact: there is strength in numbers.  As Lee annouced the winner, a thought came to my mind: Did anyone else vote?

And the award for Filthiest Fucker goes to… Deep_End.

Oh shit!  Did anyone else vote?

The award for Happiest Camper goes to… TinyGirraffe.

Holy fuck!  Really?

The award for Spiritual Seeker goes to… MargoEve.

You’ve got to be shitting me!

The award for Camp Slut goes to… RockStarIsis.

Oh my God!

The award for Fresh Meat goes to… LooksRDeceiving.

What the fuck!?!

The award for Best Dressed goes to… okay, we didn’t win them all.  To be fair, though, this was the one award we were all upset about our family member not winning.  We voted for a man who first dressed up as Dr. Horrible, then as the Doctor (Matt Smith incarnation, complete with a fez), and finished as evil Dr. Horrible.  Come on; he totally deserved it.

Other awards not listed on the ballot were given, including one for MurphyBlue’s work as a rigger and one for AmyMorgan’s new vagina.

But then came the write-in votes.

“So, we get many write-in awards.  However, for this particular one, we got the most write-in votes in camp history.  So, with fourteen votes, the award for Teacher’s Pet goes to… PoeticDesires.”

I stood up, dazed, not knowing what to do.  Okay, I have to walk.  Shit, I have to walk in these shoes.  Which way do I take?  Okay, to the right.  Oh God, everyone’s looking at me. 

I dipped my head down, my shyness threatening to overtake me.  My cheeks started to hurt, I was smiling so hard.  For some reason, I thought I should carry my bag; I think it was because I never went to class without it. 

I walked slowly, trying not to fall, and met Gregg half way to the stage.  He handed me the blue ribbon and gave me a hug.  I floated back to the table and rejoined my friends. 

I didn’t think it was going to work.  My campaign had been a lark, for fun.  I didn’t think anyone would notice or even care.  I got fourteen votes; there were only seven of us in the cabin who even bothered to vote.

I was able to pin the award to my name tag and wore it for the rest of the night.  It is still attached to my badge, hanging on my bedroom wall.

Veskrashen and His Knives

I had little expectation for my last night; everyone was tired and running on their last droplets of adrenalin.  I did, however, have a play date with Veskrashen.

Veskrashen is known for many things, but best of all are his knives.  I’d experienced his work at Winter Fire and was pleased to be under his blade edge again.

We had agreed to meet in the Dungeon that night after dinner.  Initially, I did not see him when I arrived. 

I did, however, see LooksRDeceiving and Ten engaged in quite a bit of fun.  Ten was naked, splayed over a spanking bench, with LooksRDeceiving next to her.  He was spanking her, smacking hard, the sound of the hits occasionally able to pierce the ambient music playing.  I sat on the wrestling mat, watching, reveling in their scene.  Every now and again, Looks would peer over and give eye contact, a quiet nod to his friends admiring his work.

Veskrashen soon appeared, though.  Following him, we secured a cushioned table in a corner by the stage.  I laid down a chuck and quickly disrobed.  Lying, face up, I waited.

Without warmup or warning, he began his work.  Veskrashen’s knives dug into me, tracing sharp lines across my body, over my breasts, against my abs, down my legs.  He quickly crisscrossed the tips, digging into my flesh, racing points against one another.  He slashed at my neck, pinched together my nipples, and finally made his way to my clit.  Flicking, fingering my clit with his blades, he brought the metal to my lips for me to lick off my juices.

Next came the body work.  Punches to my chest, my thighs.  Slaps to face, hard.  Pressure points.  He was in a dark head space and I appreciated his work more for it.

“Do you want more?”  He asked once.  I breathlessly said, “Yes, please.”  He beat and slashed at me again. 

He growled in my ear.

He put his hand over my mouth and waited.  I relented, gave in, stilled myself to his will.  When he removed his hand, I gasped for air.  He did it again.  And again. 

To end his work, he held his hand over my airway once more and I relaxed.  And I looked into his eyes.  And I stopped myself from flinching.  And I balled up my hands.  And I pressed myself against the table.  And I could feel the thrashing coming…  And he removed his hand.

As we had done before, he stared into my eyes and we breathed together.  I was high and unable to get up, a huge smile on my face.  He waited patiently.

To pass the time, I asked him how his camp was going.  He began to speak about an ex.  I took his hand, put it over my heart, and began stroking it.  He was a friend who needed an ear.  I was a friend who could give it.

Once he finished, he asked me how my camp was going.  Well…

I had no choice; how could I explain to him the enormity of my fun without there being bragging.  It was not possible.  I talked about Recess and my Friday play date and the popping of my suspension cherry.  I believe I noted how I could write erotica based on my vacation. 

To my surprise, Veskrashen became slightly intimidated.  I grabbed him by the collar, pulled his face close to mine, and said, quite seriously, “Dude, you growled in my ear.”  This was enough reassurance to have him pleased again.

Wrestling Mat Silliness

Finally able to stand after my scene with Veskrashen, I made my way back to the wrestling mat.

And to my surprise, I saw Gray and Murphy in a dual partial suspension scene with the bickering friends from Recess.  Gray and Murphy pinged off each other, switching back and forth who would manipulate each woman.  They’d built in dual consequences for each when they moved against the ropes.  As I sat on the mat, engrossed in their work, I was in awe. 

To say this scene was hot would be equivalent to saying the Sun is warm.  Two gorgeous men stringing up two gorgeous woman, switching, and then switching again.  Later, I literally informed them, the riggers I so loved, their scene was spank-bank worthy; I did not look away while they played.   

[Side Note: Having experienced Rope Camp, I have to chuckle a little at this moment.]

As Gray & Murphy’s scene began to wind down, SkinnyBitch and PluckedKiwi joined me on the mat with childlike glee in their eyes.  Setting her play bag aside, SkinnyBitch took out her stainless steel riding crop.  PluckedKiwi, wearing white bunny ears and a white loofa pined to his boxers, stood, his hands by his chests, wiggling his little ‘bunny tail.’  SkinnyBitch approached, holding her riding crop parallel to the ground.  With each smack on his butt, SkinnyBitch told PluckedKiwi to “hop”.  They went all around the mat like this, smack-hopping in circles.  I laughed so hard, I’m pretty sure I fell over.

Next, SkinnyBitch pulled out her ‘astral cock,’ a huge double-ended dildo about as big around as my fist and longer than my arm.  She smacked Kiwi with it, and then offered to feed him a ‘carrot.’  Looking over at me, cackling, she asked if I would like to be smacked with her astral cock.  Who would say no to that?

Stepping to the center of the mat and bending over, SkinnyBitch held the cock against me as she whispered in my ear.

“You’re in detention because you’re a naughty naughty girl.”

She slapped hard against my ass.  I rolled up on my toes, the smack giving a bit of stimulation to my clit.  SkinnyBitch hit me quite a few times, including once when a photographer snapped a photo.  Somewhere on the internet, there is a picture of a naughty naughty school girl getting spanked with an incredibly large black double-ended dong.  You can’t see my face, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy my ass.

Finished with her fun, SkinnyBitch needed water.  I offered to grab it and scurried over to the cooler.  As I approached, I saw Gray was getting refreshment as well, but he stepped away as I came close.  Oh well, I’ll talk to him some other time.

I grabbed a cup and began filling it.

Soft hands found my waist and a familiar voice entered my ear.  I instinctively leaned into him. 

“You did that before you knew who it was.” 

“No, I knew it was you. I saw you walk away.  I just figured I wouldn’t get to talk to you this time, but you came back.”

I turned and smiled at him.  This was when I complimented he and Murphy on their scene.  But then, an idea.

“Hey, you have to see this.  I got spanked with my friend’s huge astral cock.” 

Gray looked at me, puzzled.  I brought him over to the mat.  His face changed from puzzled to bewildered.  Gray beckoned Murphy over.  Then they both looked intimidated.  “Yeah, that’s my roommate.  I have awesome friends.”

Gray quickly cleaned up his things and left, but I stayed on the mat to watch some more scenes in the Dungeon.  Murphy had another suspension.  Deep_End and FlapJackSlim decided to wrestle, provided Deep_End secured his hands behind his back.  This particular encounter elicited a hilarious moment when FlapJack scurried from Deep_End, as we all laughed and yelled, “Why are you running away?”

I also tried my fate on the wrestling mat, taking down MollyRen, but then I was bested by PluckedKiwi.  In a draw, I flung myself on PluckedKiwi’s back, hoping to topple him, but he would not fall.  Instead, he hurried about, bucking like a horse, and I laughed so hard I fell off of him.

Lost & Found

Our silliness ended, we cleaned up the mat and my friends departed.  I saw Murphy’s suspension was finished and came over to help him clean up.  Murphy still had one more suspension to do, but the persons involved had not arrived.  He asked to me keep cleaning and hold the arch for him while he retrieved the participants.

Once again, I coiled and organized his rope.  But, as I finished, I found an oddity: a large flogger with thick leather straps and a silver handle.  In an instant, I remembered it was Gray’s from our scene on Friday.  In his rush, he must have left it. 

With Murphy’s rope and accessories coiled and organized, I sat and waited.  To pass the time, I examined the flogger.  It was heavy.  The handle, being T-shaped, had an interesting feel between my fingers.  I laid the leather over my legs, warming myself.

When Murphy did return, I showed him the find.  He said he could get it back to Gray, but I knew I had a scene later that night in which he was to suspend me, so I offered to just hold onto it. 

Murphy was not able to find the persons for the suspension, so he gave up the space and began to leave.  I offered to go with him.  Informing me he was heading back to his cabin, I said I would split off from him at some point. 

As we started walking out, I suggested we use the side entrance.  In the dark, at the end of the ramp, I asked him to hold on for a moment.  I took his bag off his shoulder, placed my things aside, and positioned him in front of me as I leaned against the wall.  Then, I kissed him.

Finished, I said, “Just wanted to see what that was like.”

Slowly Winding Down

The dying hours of the last night at camp for me are hard.  I never want to go to bed anyway, but, for the final night, going to bed means camp is over.  I always struggle to allow myself to let go. 

After I left Murphy, I stopped by my cabin to grab my jacket.  I had started to feel incredibly tired and run down.  Swinging by the Boston Smokers’ Circle, I tagged along with Thanos and Chris for Midnight Snack.  Even with the sugar, my fatigue did not subside.

As I sat and ate, some cramps started.  That was when I knew my playing at camp was probably over.  Heading back to the cabin, I confirmed mother nature had decided to visit.

I felt shitty, knowing I was about to cancel a scene, my last scene at camp.  Waiting in the Dungeon on the stage, my notebook on my lap, I tried writing. 

Before I got too far into my thoughts, Deep_End, CelesteLucia, and Veskrashen approached.  Celeste wanted to feel the full force of Deep_End’s hockey stick and he was more than happy to oblige.  Veskrashen sat next to me as we took in the scene, enjoying the many beautiful faces Celeste made with each of Deep_End’s blows.

Her thrashing complete, Celeste and Veskrashen left for their next scene, co-topping a beautiful blonde.  Deep_End lurked next to me as NeighborTom and Clodia approached.  Somehow all three ended up in a conversation about their toy bags.  NeighborTom and Clodia are very much into DIY kink, using everyday household objects for their play.

It was during this interaction that CaesarLives appeared.  I let him down easy, explaining I was exhausted and in no mood to play.  He too seemed wiped out.  Caesar and his friend had to catch a cab in a few hours, as well.  They opted to nap on the wrestling mat while waiting.

While the trio by the front of the stage continued their toy bag talk, Deep_End happened to look in my lap and saw Gray’s flogger.

“Dude, you have to save that for the house!”

“Ah, no, this is Gray’s.”

“But it looks really expensive and we have no shit.”

“No, I am not fucking up my cred with Gray.”

After much cajoling, I did allow Deep_End to try a few swings with it.  Deep_End didn’t like the feel of the handle and grumbled he was fine with me not keeping it.

Like every other night in the Dungeon, everyone bugged out before I was ready to leave.  Once again, I ended up on the swinging bench, the same one from the first night, finishing my journaling. 

I was so thrilled with my experience, I began going through my photos from camp.  I found one, a picture of an ash heart drawn on my black tank top by SkinnyBitch from the Cigar Social; it became the background for me cell phone.

It was getting late, after 4:30am, and still no Gray.  I felt comfortable that he wasn’t going to show, so I finally left, but not before trying a few swings of the flogger myself.

I eventually went to bed, after I completely circled the campground, took a picture of the Wheel of Destiny, contemplated taking a swim, and almost danced on the stripper pole, by myself, in Sex-o-Rama.

The question of how to return Gray’s flogger weighed on my mind, but there was still the next morning. 

Bedtime: 5:20am

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