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In Between —

Rope Camp Memories continued… After class I headed back to NYR cabin and went with the group to lunch. There, I sat with Gray and ate. Soon Slut joined us, but she was so tired she was falling asleep at the table. I started rubbing her back, trying to soothe her. Gray looked over, and, […]

Live Well —

“You know the cruelest thing you can do to an ex after a break up?” I shook my head no. “Live well.” Last night, I went to a party. I carpooled with the roommates, DeepEnd and SkinnyBitch, as well as NYRCampSlut, who came along for the ride. I was somewhat excited for what laid ahead. I […]

Partials —

Rope Camp Memories continued… “There is bondage on the ground, and suspension in the air, but in between there are many baby steps. And there are cool things that can happen between the ground and the air; no phase is just a mid-point. All steps in between are their own bondage moments.” I learned a […]

Saving The Day —

Rope Camp Memories continued… Though I performed many acts that displayed my awesomeness at Rope Camp, here is the story Big Bro likes to tell the most, from my perspective. I woke up early on Saturday, knowing I had promised Murphy I would attend his Partial Suspensions class. I headed out that morning, weighed down with […]

Aftercare —

Rope Camp Memories continued… Following the competition, I used Gray’s ruined shirt to wipe the sweat off of him. “Your in theatre. When the show’s on, the show’s on.” Gray explained his exuberance as I lightly scolded him for the rough play/wrestling between he and the Trio. I really wanted to yell at Murphy, Dov & […]

Rigger vs Rigger —

Rope Camp Memories continued… With Gray off to the Dungeon, I grabbed his things, as well as my own, and left. I first swung by my cabin. I dropped off my shot glasses and put on my Zim jacket, as it was getting chilly. I put my flashlight in my pocket, as well, remembering the […]

Right After —

My breath caught in my throat. My hands went to my mouth to quiet a sob. Even in my sadness, I didn’t want to wake my roommate, who was snoozing on the couch beside me. A few tears fell. I stopped them. I took a few deep breaths. I got my things together. My roommate […]

Red —

She looked like she was on fire. “Call me Red.” Red hair, red lips, red thigh high stiletto boots; the name was more than appropriate. “You are here because?” “I think… I think my…” “You think your husband is cheating on you?” Red uncrossed her legs, set them down off her desk, and stood. Even […]

Nico —

~erotica~ He was beautiful. I don’t mean that in an over-the-top facetious way. Simply put, Nico was beautiful. His physique, his face, his manner lent itself to only being described as such. And, most likely, I’ll never see him again. It was August, and I had traveled five hours on a bus, forty-five minutes on […]

Rope and Cigar Play —

Rope Camp Memories continued… My wrists freed, I ran back to Cabin 20. I quickly showered, changed, and headed back up to 1/2. I thought I was going to help Gray carry his things, thinking of his back. However, when I arrived, he had already left. I again ran, this time over to the upper […]