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After Hours

Rope Camp Memories continued…

After leaving Gray, I headed back to the Barn. There, I found Murphy and the crew taking Kate and the disco ball down. While waiting for them to finish, I sat and spoke with Murphy’s friend, who also happened to be in my cabin.

The photo opportunity dismantled, the three of us (Murphy, his friend, and I) transitioned to the Dungeon. We camped out under the arch in front of the stage. I took off my shoes, relaxed in just a tank top and boxers.

Murphy played with me first. He began wave punching me in the chest, hits so hard I could feel them in my back. He threw six in a row, and I could feel the individual pain from each blow. He slapped my chest and back at once, my body not knowing how to move. He hit me with energetic wave punches, pushing his power into me. I was soon floaty and very happy.

Murphy ordered me to sit on the matt by the corner of the arch. He wanted to watch me, just in case. I was perfectly fine with this, seeing as I wasn’t sure if I could stay standing.

As I sat obediently, watching Murphy play with his friend, Remy came, sat down, and put his head in my lap. I fingered his hair softly. After a few minutes, Remy turned to look at me. He asked if we could play. I said his offer was nice, but I was high at the moment and should probably wait.

I once again helped shut down the Dungeon, walking out with Murphy and members of the NYR crew. Strolling back to the cabin, it was decided we would head out on a Waffle House run. Over chop steak and grits, while chatting with Dov, I agreed to be his demo bottom for his class the next day, Fundamentals of Japanese Rope Bondage.

On the way home, I needed to stop at Wal-Mart to pick up pain medication for Gray. During our chat, while cuddling on his camp bed, he had specified Doan’s back pain meds.

Randomly, on the way to the super store, we went over a small bridge that crossed a creek. It was named, I shit you not, “Gray’s Run”. While at Wal-Mart, I picked up both the medication and some heated back patches.

We made it back to campus at 6:40am, the Sun very much up. I went back to Cabin 1/2 and dropped off Gray’s meds right by his phone, being careful not to wake him. I filled up his water bottle, since the Doan’s required drinking a cup of water with each dose.

As I left, intending pass out down the hill in Cabin 20, Murphy patted me on the head, saying, “Good Cabin Bitch.”

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