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Rope Camp Memories continued…

Following the competition, I used Gray’s ruined shirt to wipe the sweat off of him. “Your in theatre. When the show’s on, the show’s on.” Gray explained his exuberance as I lightly scolded him for the rough play/wrestling between he and the Trio. I really wanted to yell at Murphy, Dov & Lqqkout, but felt I should not leave Gray’s side. He was still high on endorphins from the competition, and I feared his coming crash.

As we stood and chatted with the people milling about, Parker approached. Parker complemented our class, giving us a lot of positive feedback. As Parker spoke, I was incredibly pleased that someone liked our lesson so much. This only made me want to teach more.

As I was awash in the glow of Parker’s compliments, Gray asked me to go back to the cabin. His pain had set in. I hurried to 1/2, found his medication, his back patches, filled his water, and rushed back.

In the Dungeon, I spied Gray sitting on a far bench. The performance had taken a lot out of him; he looked rundown, exhausted. I fed him the pills, got him to drink lots of water, and put the heated patch on his back. He was so sweaty, it didn’t want to stay. Using the torn shirt, I wrapped it around him and tied it, securing the patch in place.

It was obviously time to get Gray home. He was tired and his back would not be better for a while. I hailed him a taxi and we rode back to the cabin.

Gray changed his clothes and laid down. I sat by the edge of his bed, ready for whatever he needed.

Meanwhile, the NYR crew had started a For Science! experiment. They tested to see the effects of vibration on rope, whether you could vibrate a rope so much that you no longer felt the effects, and which type of rope was best for transmitting the vibrations. This fun series of moments was later dubbed The Hitachi Firing Squad, seeing as they used six Hitachi’s for their work. Later, it devolved into just attacking pussies with six toys, but data was gathered all the same.

Gray, now somewhat relaxed, pulled out his laptop and started watching Red. He positioned his computer in such a way so that I could view the movie as well. As it began, Gray asked me to go grab the dark chocolate he saved for us from our class from his bag. I thought this would be a good time for his other class gift, a dark chocolate bacon bar. When I showed the candy to Gray, he decided we would eat my chocolate instead. We shared it while watching movie.

I had already seen Red, and did quite enjoy it. I took a moment, though, and started journaling the day. Slut and CabEx joined our small viewing party. Slut did not stay long, though. She was called up for her turn to ride the Hitachis. CabEx soon walked away. I took the opportunity and climbed into Slut’s bed.

As I laid, curled up, watching Red while Gray seemed to be snoozing, I happened to look over at the Firing Squad. Murphy began singing a salute. “For going above and beyond her bitchly duties…” Murphy was, in fact, saluting me. He beckoned me over for my ride.

I checked again that Gray had passed out, then wrenched myself from the warm bed. I sat in the chair, leaned back a bit, and hiked up skirt. Murphy, Cabin Thug, and CabEx each had two Hitachis. Slut stood behind me, just in case.

As the ride started, I began giggling. My body didn’t know how to react to all of the stimuli. But soon, it found a workable rhythm, grinding against the overwhelming constant vibration. My first orgasm grew and I begged for permission to cum. It was given, but only if I screamed out my name.

“NYR Cabin Bitch. NYR Cabin Bitch for Life!”

I had three orgasms in five minutes; it was an exhilarating ride.

The “experiment” ended, a Waffle House run was necessary. I softly asked Gray if he wanted to come; he opted to stay and sleep. There were so many people for this end-of-the-day adventure that we needed three cars. Somehow there was a mix up and we ended up split between two Waffle Houses in the area. No matter. My group ate, while enjoying a fight between the wait staff. We returned to campus, dragging ourselves to our beds. We slept.

Bedtime: 5:30am

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  1. Shan says:

    wow. Kinda seeing this through your eyes makes it really really interesting. Is it terrible that I kinda wanna go next year?