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An Orgasm, A Realization, And Some Rope

Rope Camp Memories continued…

After the brief outing to the tobacco shop, and dinner in the Dining Hall, I found myself alone on the NYR Cabin porch, sitting in my camp chair sipping a drink.

It was a quiet moment, uneventful, until Murphy walked out. He informed me he was going to check out some possible rig sights and would be back shortly. In the interim, he ordered me to cum.

I was taken slightly off guard at first, but figured Why not? I began rubbing my clit, knowing this was a futile effort. When I masturbate, I need “assistance” in order to cum. At home this involves phallic objects and battery operated devices. Since I had neither with me currently, I knew my massage was merely a tease.

Murphy soon returned, and asked me if I had suceeded in my task. I gave him the unfortunate news. In an effort to assist, Murphy went into the cabin and came back, implement at the ready. He handed me a metal dildo, warm to the touch, and said he wanted to hear me when I came.

Now my turn to go into the cabin, I laid down on an empty bed, and again tried to masturbate. The metal had a soothing feel, gliding warmth in and out of me.

After about five minutes, Murphy yelled from the porch, asking me if I had cum yet. Once again, I disappointed him. Stepping into the cabin, he stood over me. “You know what, I’m just gonna do this myself.”

Taking hold of the dildo, he fucked me with the toy, thrusting in and out of me while also vibrating his finger on my clit. I writhed on the bed, screaming, and soon came. I thanked Murphy for his help.

I then asked him why he had ordered me to come. He said I had seemed down that day and wanted me to feel better.

Murphy walked back outside. I had a revelation.

Earlier that day, while out on the porch, I listened to Gray and Lochai talk while I sat naked at Gray’s knee. Their conversation was wide ranging, but the part that mattered was this: Gray spoke about how he may be settling in Seattle after November.

It took me having a moment of joy to realize the tiny bit of sorrow that lingered over my day. It was only recently that Gray resided anywhere near me. This had been an amazing and unexpected gift, the possible opportunity to spend way more time than I had ever anticipated with a person I cared for.

But to learn that he was possibly going to move all the way across the country… No wonder I was quieter that day, less bubbly, stuck in a doldrum. I had already started to miss my friend.

Then I talked to myself.
Well, it sucks, but you’re kind of screwing yourself here. Yes, this is a possibility for his future, but you are living in the present right now. Why are you going to fuck up the time you do have with him because you are worrying about shit that hasn’t happened yet? Don’t worry about the future; just deal with the now.

So I decided to go to a class Lochai and Gray had chatted about in the car ride back to campus. It was a photography class that would feature shots that included both Gray and Midori’s work among many others. I had been apprehensive about going to any presentation that evening, but then decided it could be just what I needed to make me feel better.

Murphy considered going as well, but he first needed to wait for his friend to arrive. I headed down the hill alone, a little better, but still a bit down.

The class was Behind the Tie with Michelle Serchuck.

When I walked into the room, I was quite tentative. I sat in the back, arriving later than I normally would. Gray happened to turn around and see me.

“Hey you. You disappeared after dinner.”
“You said you needed my camp chair. So I went and got it for you. It’s sitting on the cabin porch.”

While Gray and I were having our little exchange, Michelle was dealing with some technical issues. She needed a VGA cable to connect her laptop to the projector, but no one seemed to have one.  With the possibility of us all looking at the pictures on her computer, as opposed to the screen, she encouraged everyone to come closer.

Gray was sitting with Midori on matts on the floor, close to where Michelle was setup. Noting there was room, Gray encouraged me to sit with him. Nervously, I scurried over and took the spot in front of him.

The Reg Elf, soon after, appeared with the needed cable. The projector working, Michelle was ready to start the class. Gray, being Gray, stood up and adjusted the projection screen to eliminate keystoning in the images before she began.

Going through the different photo sets, each piece was a new window into moments of beauty. I was amazed by the rope work, the bodies and skills of the models, the composition of the shots, the artistry of each image. Not five minutes in, I was happy I’d decided to attend.

Murphy arrived midway through, his friend in tow. The presentation ran long, but I didn’t mind. I loved Michelle’s work.

At the end, Michelle tossed me a small plastic bag, a prize for coming, not being in any of the shots, yet still staying all the way through. It was a short piece of Twisted Monk Crimson hemp rope.

I now wear the strands around my neck each day, a reminder of who I am, what I love, and who I am trying to become.

“Trust the experience to evolve on its own.” – a quote from the class

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