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Camp Fire

Rope Camp Memories continued…

After Michelle’s class, someone in the group mentioned the camp fire. S’mores and socializing were back on, seeing as there was no rain this night. Gray decided to head over, but Murphy could not. He had a rig to setup in the Barn.

I picked up Gray’s bag and carried it, an effort to alleviate some of the pain he was feeling. Gray tweeked a previous back injury earlier that day.

As we all walked out of the class, Murphy turned to me and ordered me to be Gray’s ash tray for the night. This did not sit well with Gray, who pointed out such an order would also be a command to Gray to ash me. He, however, was fine with Murphy ordering me to beg to be Gray’s ashtray. Murphy adjusted his command as such.

Murphy left with his friend as Gray and I took our time. I mentioned to him that I would love to be his ashtray, anytime. He figured as much. We strolled over to the fire pit.

Gray sat on a bench. I wanted to be at his knee again, so I stripped and took my spot in the grass. The fire was warm and inviting, too inviting. “I really want to dance around that fire,” Gray said. “If I try, you have to stop me.” His back was not getting better.

We sat, soaking in the energy of the people dancing. Aurora, one of the event organizers, came over to join us. Sitting next to Gray, he informed her of his injury and his need to change the class he would give tomorrow.

Gray then turned to me and made a request. He wanted me to make him a S’more. Once again, this most basic of human experiences was somewhat new to me. Though I had seen many being made, and eaten a few, I had not made one myself.

I got up from his knee, found the table of ingredients, and went to work. Returning with a gooey chocolate gram cracker mess, Gray informed me it looked exactly as it should. I sat back at his knee while he enjoyed his treat.

While Aurora did some body work on Gray’s back, in hopes of helping him to feel better, Sasha came by and sat on the bench beside me. I stood to greet her and she hugged me tight, her warmth a pleasant gift to naked me on the slightly cool night.

Sasha mentioned how she wanted to spend more time with me. I agreed, saying much cuddling needed to be in our future. Sasha walked on, a night of fun hopefully in her future.

While sitting and relaxing, the Reg Elf came by. Gray spoke with him about his fire sword, which the Elf had previously been wielding. The Reg Elf explained the core of his instrument was wood, which was then wrapped in aluminum foil, which was wrapped further still in kevlar. Gray seemed both intrigued and impressed.

Soon after, Gray mentioned how we should probably make our way to the Barn to see the rig Murphy and the rest of the cabin was working on. I got dressed and we slowly walked across the field towards home.

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