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Rope Camp Memories continued…

At the end of an impromptu scene on the front lawn of the NYR cabin between Graydancer & NYRCampSlut, I noticed MurphyBlue arrive carrying a large aluminum ring. I, along with Slut, who was now finished with her fun with Gray, got excited. The idea of a kinky circus came up and we knew we needed to make this happen.

Murphy, ever adventurous, was immediately up for the prospect. Gray, on the other hand, said he needed convincing. Murphy, in response to Gray, replied, “Well, I guess you’ve got ten minutes to convince him,” pulled out his phone, and started a timer.

With Gray’s initial protestations, I had immediately gotten on my knees and began nuzzling his cock through his pants, but I knew I could not suck his dick. After we had sex the previous night, Gray informed me I would not be allowed to suck or fuck him until I had sex with someone else. I had hoped to service Darian that night, but the subject did not arise after my beating.

With my mouth out of the picture, Slut stepped in. Gray then encouraged me to help her, which I happily obliged. Slut did not want me to go down on her, so as she sucked on Gray, I began fingering her, forcefully pumping my hand into her pussy. One finger became two fingers, which then increased three. Gray scratched her back. Murphy gave a time check: three minutes left.

Gray proclaimed he would only be convinced if she came. I pounded hard with my fingers into Slut, and she orgasmed, riding back on my hand. Our ten minutes up, we fell on the ground exhausted from our efforts.

“When I said she needed to come, I meant Poetic.” Slut and I both cried out in dismay. But, ever the good sport, Gray said he was convinced and would participate in the cabin event.

Just as Gray gave his approval, Dov showed up in the mix. Murphy, ever stirring up trouble, told Slut and I we now needed to convince Dov to participate. Being a good Cabin Bitch, I told Slut I would sub in, seeing as she had worked her mouth hard for the past ten minutes on Gray. I pulled myself up from the ground, Dov pulled out his cock, and I began giving him head.

A moment into my work, I felt a tap on my knees. “She’s not getting it,” Slut said. “No, apparently not,” said Gray. I wasn’t sure what was going on. Slut pushed harder on my knees. And then it dawned on me. I separated my legs and Slut began to eat me out, an activity in which I took great pleasure.

As I sucked and moaned, Gray took this opportunity, while Slut was on her back, to begin fingering her. She began moaning as she licked me. Murphy, wanting to jump into the action, created a rope dildo and they fucked Slut with the toy.

Our ten minutes up, the entire cabin was persuaded to host the event, set for Saturday night.

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