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In Between

Rope Camp Memories continued…

After class I headed back to NYR cabin and went with the group to lunch. There, I sat with Gray and ate. Soon Slut joined us, but she was so tired she was falling asleep at the table. I started rubbing her back, trying to soothe her. Gray looked over, and, as I caressed Slut’s back with my left hand, he saw I was still wearing his lighter from our class the day before.

I got a little scared and a little nervous. I worried he would want to take the lighter back again. Instead of confirming my fears, though, he just looked at it, made eye contact with me, and a smile appeared on his face.

As we sat, our group grew. Darian, Lochai, and Celeste joined us. I mentioned to everyone that I was going on a supplies run later that afternoon with Murphy. Darian and Gray both needed things. I got a list from each and corresponding cash.

Scott Smith and his girl then happened to pass by our table. Scott’s girl wanted to purchase a copy of Gray’s erotic novels, Nawashi & Jujun, which cost $15. Gray, unfortunately, did not have any change, but said he would some later when I returned from supply run. Scott’s girl left with the book and the promise.

Soon after, Deiter and his girl also stopped by to chat. NYR cabin always seemed to have this effect at camp, like a magnet, constantly pulling people towards us.

Though I wanted to stay and talk longer, I needed to go for an ice run. My cooler still had Gray’s ice cream, and I had brought a bottle of champagne, just in case a special moment arose. Gray also had a roving Dungeon Master shift to start, and the next session of classes was to begin soon. The group broke up.

I walked to the camp store, purchased my ice, and realized I had change for Gray. As I left the store, I spied Gray now in a safety vest, having just started his shift. I walked over to him and offered the five he had needed. He instructed me to deliver the change to Scott’s girl, as Scott was about to start a class and she would surely be there.

As a bye, before I headed off, Gray reached over and pinched my nipple incredibly hard, “juicing me” as I like to call it when someone piques my sexual appetite but leaves me wanting. I then headed back to my cabin. Dropping off the ice, I walked up to the Barn where Scott was to teach his class.

Sitting and waiting til Scott and his girl arrived, I took a moment again to journal and engaged in a conversation with one of my Cabin 20 mates. I am not ashamed to say I enjoyed imparting the many fun adventures I’d had in the past few days. Sometimes, when I thought back on my Rope Camp, which still had not finished, I just stopped, shook my head, and smiled.

Scott and his girl soon arrived. I learned her handle was PyroticErotic and promised to find her on Fet. I gave her her change, and begged forgiveness for leaving. Though I greatly wanted to attend their class, I’d already made plans to take Lew Rubens class, Predicament Bondage.

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