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Late Start

Rope Camp Memories continued…

Going to bed at 6:40am did not encourage me in any way, shape, or form to go to the 10am Hojojutsu class, though I had been looking froward to it since before camp started. I did, randomly, wake up at 9:50am, and the thought occurred to me I could run to the presentation if I stood up at right that moment. Instead, I rolled over for what I thought had been a minute. Re-checking my phone, it was now 10:45am. So much for Hojo in the morning.

Instead I got up and took a long shower. For my outfit that day, I decided to be different. I had worn a tank top and boxers the first two days. I wanted today to be special.

Searching through my various articles of clothing, I decided to be creative. I pulled out a long piece of gold silk fabric and wrapped it around myself like a Greek himation. Tucking the top of the fabric into my strapless bra, I used a safety pin to hem the bottom to my mid thigh. I then took a piece of chain and wrapped it just under my breasts, giving the fabric more of a shape and definition. Looking at myself in the mirror, I was pleased with the outcome, a cute little dress.

After heading up to Cabin 1/2, I walked with everyone to the Dining Hall for lunch. As soon as I got in line, Gray came up to me. Apparently he had made it to the Hojo Class that morning (shit), but said he would teach me what I’d missed sometime (sweet).

[Side note: Still waiting to call in that chit.]

Gray also informed me he’d heard Murphy’s “Good Cabin Bitch” as I left to pass out earlier that morning. He’d taken some of the medicaiton, and was wearing one of the back patches I’d purchased; because of this, he was feeling much better.

After getting our food, Gray and I sat with Midori, Delano, and Michelle. I quietly ate and listened as the four of them talked. Let me just say, it was moments like this that made me feel like the luckiest newbie alive. I often joke that, when it comes to rope, I’m a Sophomore who hangs out with Seniors. Yeah, in this instance, I felt like a freshman eating with graduate students.

The majority of their discussion centered on a statement Midori had written about on her blog: The most dangerous S/M scene you can experience with a person is a scene that involves intimacy and vulnerability, that builds and feeds on connection. She spoke about how difficult it is to have such a scene while doing a suspension because you have to worry about getting the person up and down safely. In her words, she couldn’t explore her Ghost. To Midori, suspension bondage felt like service topping.

As I sat their, amazed I was even in the room with these folks, let alone at the table soaking in their discourse, I loved just listening to them talk, hearing their thoughts, getting a peek into Midori’s mind.

Towards the end of their conversation, Murphy happened to walk by… with his Nerf gun. Gray asked to hold it, taking in the feel of it. Murphy was then called off to go talk to someone across the room. As he chatted, Gray got a mischevious look in his eye. Taking aim, he shot the Nerf gun at Murphy. He landed four out of five shots, but Murphy took no notice.

The chambers emptied, Gray and I headed over to Big Bro. I picked up the pellets, but Murphy said I was still missing one. Gray and I looked all around, but to no avail. Then Murphy looked at his gun. Oops, there were only five, not six. Thanks, Bro.

After lunch, we headed back up to 1/2. Setting down my things, Gray decided he wanted a Diet Coke. He sent me back to the Dining Hall with money. Checking the vending machines, they were out, but thankfully the camp store sold me a rather cold one.

When I delivered the soda, Lochai happened to be showing Gray a billy club type bat. Like a good little submissive, I leaned over the railing and let Gray try out the toy on my ass. It was quite nice.

I was soon naked at Gray’s knee again, but I couldn’t stay there long; I had class. Murphy, however, decided he wanted a soda, too. I ran to the camp store, bought him his drink, and delivered it as fast as I could. Quickly reassembling my himation dress, I headed over to Dov’s Japanese Bondage Fundamentals.

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