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Dinner —

Rope Camp Memories Continued…So Dov orgasmed, laughing at my pain, my female blue balls all but dragging on the floor. I put my clothes back on in the bathroom, but, instead of my himation, I tied the fabric around my waste. As I did so, Dov asked the cabin if he should bring his handcuffs […]

Motherfucking Sadist —

Rope Camp Memories continued… I arrived to Dov’s class with rope in tow, and sat with Murphy’s friend.  The two of us chatted while waiting for the presentation to start. Dov began with a short lecture on language, explaining Japanese names for ties were descriptive. He talked about how each tie had different variations, how no […]

Late Start —

Rope Camp Memories continued… Going to bed at 6:40am did not encourage me in any way, shape, or form to go to the 10am Hojojutsu class, though I had been looking froward to it since before camp started. I did, randomly, wake up at 9:50am, and the thought occurred to me I could run to […]

Courtesy —

~erotica~ I arrived to the party late, long after everyone had passed their sober threshold, whether through alcohol or the endorphines of play. The front door was open. This was a calm affluent neighborhood, no threat of any interruptions. Quietly creeping in the door, I took off my shoes, but then decided to disrobe, removing […]

After Hours —

Rope Camp Memories continued… After leaving Gray, I headed back to the Barn. There, I found Murphy and the crew taking Kate and the disco ball down. While waiting for them to finish, I sat and spoke with Murphy’s friend, who also happened to be in my cabin. The photo opportunity dismantled, the three of […]

To Bed —

Rope Camp Memories continued… Though Gray and I made our way to the Barn to watch Murphy and the rest of the NYR crew work, we soon headed back to the cabin. Gray was tired and his back was in no way good. “We’re never going to walk in the dark again without your fucking […]

Dirty Girl —

~erotica~ The laces on my boots always reminded me of hojo rope. So I found it fitting when he tied my wrists to my ankles in such a style using those cords. My boot buckles pressed in on my skin. My ass was high up and ready. My breathing was labored from holding so much […]

Mine —

~erotica~ I felt like a zombie when I woke, my memories of last night foggy, barely perceivable through the morning haze in my mind. There was rope. There was always rope. There were toys: a flogger, a cane, a dildo. The order of things was still fuzzy, but as I attempted to stand, flashes of […]

Finding It Again —

I’ve already spoken about my many reasons for loving rope, but this time I’ll talk about finding that love again. I had a moment at FetFest, a situation that made me doubt myself and my abilities as a rigger. It wasn’t dangerous. It wasn’t unsafe. It was just…frustration, and a feeling of…incompetence? I felt like […]