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I was in the mood to write some smut, so enjoy…

His rope was softer than she expected, caressing her skin smoothly, no bumps or ridges as she had experienced with his hemp or his jute. The unexpected sensation both teased and excited her. This will be a different type of scene, she supposed. 

It made her feel special, to have these warm tendrils wrapped around her body, hugging her chest, her hips. He placed a knot at just the right spot to hit her clit. Other strands pressed in hard on her nipples. Still others coiled around her wrists, securing her hands behind her back.

When he was finished with his art work, he took a step back, admiring his choices. She took a moment to look at his eyes, he slight smile, his satisfied expression. She was never sure who got more out of their scenes; her physical orgasms never seemed to overshadow his mental cums.

He pushed her onto the bed. She flopped back, boucing a little. Her ankles were tied together as well; she had no choice but to bend to his will. Her hair fluttered, landing partially on her face. Though it tickled, the rush from his push captured her full attention. She wondered what else he had in store for her.

Looming over her, he bent down to whisper in her ear.

“You’re being very good. I will reward you for your patience, but first I must have my fill of pain.”

She knew she wouldn’t escape without a few lashes.  She mentally prepared herself for what implement he wished to use.  Would it be the flogger?  That would at least be soothing, at first.  The cane? She could still recollect the feel of hot stings across her ass from weeks past.  Maybe his knife. Oh, she hoped it was the knife.  Burning lines traced across her body and her screams of passion and pain filling the air. Yes, the knife was her favorite.

Pop! What the fuck was that!?!

She felt the first sting on her right heel. She squealed in pain and instinctively flinched her knees up.

Pop! Another sting surged through her left thigh. She now dared a look and say a stun gun in his hand. Oh no! When the fuck did he get that!?!

She hated electricity. Hated it. But she had dumbly told him she would take anything for him. Anything. She should have just kept her fucking mouth shut.

Pop! Her other foot now. She yelped in pain, the tears already pouring. Why?, she thought. Why must he hurt me so?

But she knew why. It was the same reason she sat there, taking it. Because he loved to hear her screams, loved to inflict pain, loved seeing the tears now streaming down her face. And she loved making him happy with her suffering.

Pop! Her other thigh. At least he kept it even, not concentrating on one place. She sobbed now, the tears both pleasing to him and a comfort to her. Let out the pain; drown it with your sorrow.

His face loomed over her’s again. In her blurry vision, she could just make out his light blue eyes.

“One more for me, my pet. Just one more.”

But where will he place it? Her thought was instantly answered when she felt him force open her legs and push her happy knot aside. Oh no!

Pop! The pain surged through her. Her scream was defeaning. Her tears, doubled. She curled into a ball, lying on her side, her body convulsing from her sobs.

“Such a good pet.” 

He sat beside her, stroking her hair. She heard the tap of him setting the stun gun on the small table beside the bed. 

“Took all that pain for me.” He lightly kissed her forehead and slowly got her to roll to her back. She still cried, but her sobs had decreased.

“You have more than earned your reward.”

Once again forcing her legs open, this time his tongue kissed her clit. The wet warmth was painful at first, but soon became soothing. Her quiet sobs became soft moans. She began bucking her hips into his licks. If her hands were free, she would not have been able to resist the urge to grab his hair and fuck his face. She understood why he had bound her wrists this time.

His hands scooped under her ass and lift her hips higher. She could feel his wanting mouth sucking her clit. The warmth inside her grew.

“Please, Master. Please may I come. Oh please let me come for you.”

“Yes,” he said, with his mouth full. She lifted and swiveled her hips into his meal. She screamed now in ecstacy.

“Thank you, Master. Thank you, Master! Thank you……”

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