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Saving The Day

Rope Camp Memories continued…

Though I performed many acts that displayed my awesomeness at Rope Camp, here is the story Big Bro likes to tell the most, from my perspective.

I woke up early on Saturday, knowing I had promised Murphy I would attend his Partial Suspensions class. I headed out that morning, weighed down with gear once again, and made my way towards the Dining Hall.

During my trek, I happened to look up the hill and saw Murphy doing an inversion suspension of Phoenix in a tree. They were surrounded by people. That’s cool; he’s warming up for class.

Just then, I saw Murphy’s face get really big. He screamed out, “Cabin Bitch!” Thinking he’d seen me, I rushed over to his scene. As I approached, he commented, “Oh my god, it worked.” Apparently, he hadn’t seen me.

Arriving, I dropped my things and asked Big Bro what he needed. Murphy instructed me to run to the cabin and retrieve both his camera and his memory card. The card would be in his computer.

I ran to 1/2, but, as I got to the steps, I became swimmy-headed. It was then that I realized I had not eaten anything yet. I went inside, found his camera and memory card, and headed back down the hill. This time, though, I did not run full out, but moved quickly all the same. I gave Murphy the supplies and he got the shot.

My awesomeness solidified, I left my things, and headed into the Dining Hall for a quick breakfast. Afterwards, I rejoined Murphy and walked with him to class.

We arrived early, but Murphy realized he’d forgotten a lot of things he needed back at the cabin. Armed with a list that included whips, a flogger, his Nerf gun, and his Hitachi, I quickly hailed a taxi. The driver waited as I assembled the load, and we rushed back to the Dungeon. I arrived, supplies in hand, just in time for the start of class.

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  1. that was an epic scream! and response!!!