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Pressure —

I know I put undue pressure on myself almost all the time. When it comes to work, there are times when I dread walking out of my front door. Recently I’ve been put in a semi-leadership position, asked to take on more responsibilities. Granted, this also means extra pay, but with the added money came […]

Pondering —

I’ve spoken about how I want to live my life before. Guess what…I’m doing it again. I’m a switch, and have always had conflicting emotions regarding partners and lovers, play vs affection vs love. It’s not easy for me to resolve even the most basic facts about myself. The kind of domination I seek to […]

After School Activities —

~erotica~ Mr. Ebon looked like he stepped out of one of those recruiting commercials that played during the breaks of football games: buzzed cut hair, sleek trim muscles, a solid gait you could set a metronome to. The only difference was his uniform consisted of a starched tie, crisp folds in his collared dress shirt, […]

Say It —

~erotica~ It was loud, but not so loud that I couldn’t hear his question. “What do you want? What do you want, right now? Name it.” I was naked, happy, tipsy. All our friends in our home, at the first party since we kicked the asshole out. We all felt the energy in the air, […]

A Nightmare —

I was in my home, but it wasn’t my home. I was living with roommates, but they weren’t my roommates. There were six of us, to start, but I can only remember three: myself, the other who escaped, and him. He was beautiful, almost hauntingly so. Dark eyes that captured you. If he had ever […]

Our Home —

Tonight, when I got home, we had a house guest, a close friend we had not seen in some time. We all sat, the entire house and our guests, around our Dining Room table, chatting and drinking, enjoying each others’ company. We told stories. We commiserated. We had a great time. This is what we […]

Dear Daddy —

Dear Daddy, We haven’t met yet, but it’s me, poetic. Kristen. Your Good Girl. I don’t know what you’ll look like, where I’ll find you, or if instead you’ll find me. I don’t know when it will happen.  But I know, someday, it will happen. One day, you’ll be there, as if you had always […]

Fair and Balanced —

Recently I performed a civic act and showed up, early, for jury duty.  In this particular instance of a ritual everyone has to go through, sooner or later, everything went right. Our summons time changed from 8:30am to 1pm because no cases were on the docket for the morning. Almost everyone showed up early. We […]

All Wound Up: Play —

End My outfit for the night: my black wrap dress, my red nighty underneath, some chainmail, and my boots. We arrived for the party at 9:15pm. Instead of being bubbly and happy, as I was earlier that day, I was nervous. But, for me, this was par for the course. We showed our registration chains […]

All Wound Up: Office Hours —

Middle Since DeepEnd wanted more practice, I laid out our blanket, took off my shoes, socks, and skirt, and asked what he wanted to go over. He said he wanted to practice Gray’s Tie Em Up & Fuck Em harness. I asked him if he remembered the three steps. He said he did, but I […]